I fled Domestic/Narcissistic Abuse. Week 8 of 12 at the Shelter. [2023-07-26]

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I fled Domestic/Narcissistic Abuse. Week 8 of 12 at the Shelter. [2023-07-26]

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First video update since the day I fled. Talking about what I've been doing, basically back to the 2019 plan. Making a lot less money in the Midwest than back home in San Francisco / Mountain View / Bay Area. Doing work much harder than back home as well, like house demolition and outdoor labor in a harsher climate, for a lower wage. Still kinda living in the shadow of OpenTable's private investigators' nefarious activities as well, can't be too specific about my location or activities. Beside all this I just want a freelance tech gig and I'm working hard to learn marketing and how to produce content to do so.

I got a cloud server a couple days ago, that's going to change my life. Created a new iSpooge Daily forum there on forum(dot)harlanji(dot)com as well as an open section where you can ask me anything with registration on ask(dot)harlanji(dot)com.

Thanks for joining me here and please keep me in your prayers if you can spare a few minutes. God bless.




00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:07,120
Hey everyone, welcome to the channel, welcome back and it's good to see you took a

00:00:07,120 --> 00:00:15,400
little break, had to get life stabilized again after I fled from my relative's

00:00:15,400 --> 00:00:24,200
house after the effectively torture escalating to physical violence, which was

00:00:24,200 --> 00:00:31,640
my line, that's the point where I decided to abandon all of my professional work,

00:00:31,640 --> 00:00:38,120
my books, I don't have a lot of stuff, I'm not a very materialistic person, but one

00:00:38,120 --> 00:00:47,320
thing I care about is my work and my career and my education, and so I endured the, what

00:00:47,320 --> 00:00:56,120
do you even call it? I mean, it's really just torture, I was free to leave any time,

00:00:56,120 --> 00:01:03,160
but I chose to stay because leaving meant that I would be abandoning everything I

00:01:03,160 --> 00:01:16,200
own and, well, physical violence was that time when I needed to do that, and so I did and

00:01:16,200 --> 00:01:21,400
found a new situation pretty similar to what I was doing in 2019, where I'm just working

00:01:21,400 --> 00:01:27,640
at time agency, saving a little bit of money that they pay me to do work, that's way too

00:01:29,080 --> 00:01:34,920
demanding for what they pay me, and, oh, just suck it up, I know you got a grand

00:01:34,920 --> 00:01:40,040
parent who did this or that, worked in the coal mines for the family, blah, blah, blah,

00:01:40,040 --> 00:01:45,960
I hear ya. Now, at that time, working in the coal mines for the family meant

00:01:46,760 --> 00:01:52,040
one person could support them, their wife, their kids, etc, on salary.

00:01:52,840 --> 00:02:00,200
Nowadays, working 30 hours a week, 40 hours a week, oh my grandpa worked 60 hours a week,

00:02:00,200 --> 00:02:05,560
awesome, working 60 hours a week might get a person, a shared apartment,

00:02:06,440 --> 00:02:15,960
going off 30% income, working 60 hours a week might make you three grand a month,

00:02:15,960 --> 00:02:25,080
that'll get you one grand a month in rent, good luck, with that raising a family and paying

00:02:25,080 --> 00:02:34,120
a mortgage, and having a car and all this and that, I don't be so negative, I hear ya,

00:02:35,000 --> 00:02:43,720
these are not negative, these are not parasitical views, these are simply hard truths,

00:02:43,720 --> 00:02:54,760
hard conversation that must be had. So, yes, I found a shelter that

00:02:56,040 --> 00:03:01,160
didn't have too intrusive of an application process that let me stay for three months,

00:03:02,040 --> 00:03:08,120
I've been there for two months, which means in one month I am back on the streets if I don't

00:03:08,120 --> 00:03:19,720
set something up. So, I've continued my delusional pursuits allegedly into my tech career,

00:03:19,720 --> 00:03:25,240
where I used to make like 15 grand a month, I must have just lied and we easled my way in there,

00:03:25,240 --> 00:03:38,520
something, no actually I work extremely hard for it, and ya know, engineers and entrepreneurs are

00:03:38,520 --> 00:03:43,720
different breeds of people, and I've kind of been forced from engineer to entrepreneur,

00:03:44,760 --> 00:03:50,840
though I was something of an entrepreneur early in life before I got cozy as an engineer,

00:03:51,720 --> 00:04:03,000
so I'm not uncomfortable with this level of hustle, it does kind of stink being around people

00:04:03,000 --> 00:04:09,640
who are far less evolved, and I don't say that in a derogatory way, it's just when you evolve,

00:04:09,640 --> 00:04:17,160
you go through the layers of Maslow's hierarchy, physical security, love like a gapay,

00:04:18,120 --> 00:04:27,000
and a steam into self-actualization, now that may have been somewhat revised for Maslow's career

00:04:27,000 --> 00:04:35,880
was over, but in general that's a familiar pattern that people recognize, obviously familiar,

00:04:35,880 --> 00:04:45,400
they recognize it. I've got like five gigs free on my laptop, which is decent,

00:04:46,360 --> 00:04:52,760
I've got hosting provider now, as of a couple days ago, I think I've got like 50 or 100 gigs

00:04:52,760 --> 00:05:00,280
I can upload there, so I might be able to do these videos with some regularity, as opposed to just

00:05:00,280 --> 00:05:05,720
having five gigs, nowhere to put it, I don't have a phone right now, I've got Google Voice,

00:05:06,520 --> 00:05:11,880
which is like an old school phone and answering machine, which I was able to get by getting a

00:05:12,840 --> 00:05:19,320
seven-day trial of Mint Mobile, which gave me a number to verify my Google Voice number with.

00:05:23,640 --> 00:05:28,760
Almost a data project, all my projects are basically on pause, I'm still collecting my

00:05:28,760 --> 00:05:34,120
receipts, I was forced to abandon all of my receipts and everything I had scanned up to

00:05:35,000 --> 00:05:41,240
Memorial Day, when I took off from my relative's house, when he escalated to violence,

00:05:41,240 --> 00:05:46,520
part in the airplane, part in any background noise, part in the lighting, part in the audio, please,

00:05:47,800 --> 00:05:56,280
the wind, these things are beyond my control, as are many and most things right now,

00:05:57,000 --> 00:06:03,720
one thing I know is that in one month, I will not be in this shelter anymore,

00:06:07,080 --> 00:06:13,720
I can't count on that fact, so my working situation will get much more difficult right now,

00:06:14,520 --> 00:06:20,360
I show up at the 10th agency at about 530 in the morning, usually I'll have a gig by

00:06:21,320 --> 00:06:27,320
10 or 11, and then a lot of times they'll call me back the next day, next day, next day, so I'll have

00:06:28,040 --> 00:06:36,920
two or three days of work, sometimes four, and you know that feeds me, I still drink the best water

00:06:36,920 --> 00:06:47,480
and eat the best food, that's one thing that I don't feel the need to compromise on is what I put

00:06:47,480 --> 00:06:53,720
into my body, it's effectively the last thing I can control, I still exercise a little bit,

00:06:54,840 --> 00:07:06,680
a lot of my jobs are pretty physically active, you know, not enough to count against doing

00:07:06,680 --> 00:07:13,560
strength training in a gym, but enough to keep me active, get me 10 or 10,000 steps a day at least,

00:07:13,560 --> 00:07:21,160
maybe 15, keep me on my feet for a good six or eight hours, a lot of times lifting stuff,

00:07:21,160 --> 00:07:27,000
sometimes I hurt myself, like I did a demolition job, I was tearing walls of the crowbar,

00:07:27,400 --> 00:07:35,160
and after three days of that, my hands are just like, in a ton of pain and so do I do,

00:07:35,240 --> 00:07:43,560
I stop and I work on my tech stuff, you know, my delusional dream job tech career,

00:07:43,560 --> 00:07:48,520
you know, having a dream job is sort of an oxymoron, a job, a job, a job, a persecution,

00:07:48,520 --> 00:07:54,840
no, it's just what I'm called to do, it's how I cope with feeling worthless, I

00:07:56,200 --> 00:08:02,200
do some tech stuff, and suddenly I'm like, yeah, I'm good at something, I have intrinsic value in

00:08:02,200 --> 00:08:11,160
me, I've worked hard for something. Now, why it's so hard to get any sort of paid opportunity

00:08:11,160 --> 00:08:21,800
doing that, I mean, it's, I have so many theories, but I don't need to dump into them all here,

00:08:23,080 --> 00:08:31,320
just trying to give a quick update, I openedask.harolangei.com, it's a phpbb,

00:08:31,320 --> 00:08:37,720
back to forum, and you can actually post questions without registering, and I created a tech

00:08:37,720 --> 00:08:44,840
development journal on another section in that same forum, forum.harolangei.com, it's where ask.

00:08:44,840 --> 00:08:50,200
harolangei.com redirects to a certain forum within there, so I've got a sub forum for ice

00:08:50,200 --> 00:08:57,800
foods daily, a sub forum for tech development journal, sub forum for ask, carolangei, and one

00:08:57,800 --> 00:09:03,480
for member discussion, if I know you and you register, I recognize your name or whatever,

00:09:03,480 --> 00:09:07,880
I'll approve your registration, you can get on there, you can start topics in the member section,

00:09:08,760 --> 00:09:15,240
similar to the U-Spoog daily, back in the day, pre-reddit, it's basically a subreddit,

00:09:17,480 --> 00:09:21,880
it's not your own subreddit, it's just a subreddit where anyone can start a topic, a forum where

00:09:21,960 --> 00:09:28,360
anyone can start a topic, where the others are limited to myself, I put a write up about getting

00:09:28,360 --> 00:09:36,280
manyo, which is an S3 compatible object store set up in Docker, so just getting the ball rolling

00:09:36,280 --> 00:09:45,880
with articles written to a level of someone proficient in DevOps, I found a pretty sweet,

00:09:46,840 --> 00:09:51,720
so VanLive, I've lived in a car for a couple of years, it's very comfortable,

00:09:52,440 --> 00:09:57,160
et cetera, there are some things that are not great about it, but I found out that

00:09:57,160 --> 00:10:04,920
Prius has the ideal climate control system to do that all the way back to the first generation

00:10:04,920 --> 00:10:12,360
models, and I found a 2005 Prius that's extremely smashed up for a thousand bucks, perfect,

00:10:12,440 --> 00:10:17,960
except I don't have a thousand bucks yet, I am able to save a little bit of money

00:10:17,960 --> 00:10:24,760
from the jobs that I'm working, I can work, maybe four or five days, given my beat up hands,

00:10:24,760 --> 00:10:30,200
I've been working a few days, taking a few days off and recovering, takes a little bit to

00:10:31,160 --> 00:10:36,280
get back up to speed on my tech stuff after like three or four days, so it takes like a

00:10:36,280 --> 00:10:41,720
day to get back up to speed, my first day, you know, second day I start making a little bit of

00:10:41,720 --> 00:10:48,360
progress and third and fourth day, I'm flying, but then I start feeling anxiety, be about money,

00:10:48,360 --> 00:10:55,640
so then I go back to work, so in a way I have kind of like an eight to ten day week split between

00:10:55,640 --> 00:11:02,440
four or five days of paid work, four or five days of tech work, and then I take one rest day every week

00:11:02,440 --> 00:11:14,680
as well, that's a non-negotiable for me. People would say I'm not like any homeless person they

00:11:14,680 --> 00:11:19,640
know, well, in fact, they probably know homeless people like me, they just don't talk about the

00:11:19,640 --> 00:11:25,240
fact that they're homeless, it's wise to not mention it. When I was in high school, there was a

00:11:25,240 --> 00:11:31,000
local hip-hop group, they sing this song that had this line that I always remembered, even when I

00:11:31,000 --> 00:11:37,320
never thought I'd need it, that says, when you go to a play for a job, don't tell them your

00:11:37,320 --> 00:11:42,120
homeless because I promise they won't give it to you. Something, I think it's like one or two words

00:11:42,120 --> 00:11:48,120
off from that and I always miss remember at one or two words off when I look it up, but yeah,

00:11:48,120 --> 00:11:53,400
there's that line and that's atmosphere out of Minneapolis and then there's another

00:11:53,960 --> 00:12:00,760
perhaps more relevant line that I always remembered for some reason from the song called

00:12:00,760 --> 00:12:09,880
Android by Green Day, who's Oakland, California-based band that goes hailed man and woman choose,

00:12:10,680 --> 00:12:17,000
I wonder if he knows they think he's crazy. When he was young, did he have dreams of

00:12:17,000 --> 00:12:24,840
growing up and wearing woman choose and be in crazy or something like that? I know that's a little

00:12:24,840 --> 00:12:32,440
bit wrong towards the end. But yeah, did I have dreams of growing up and wearing woman choose and

00:12:32,440 --> 00:12:39,400
having people think that I'm crazy? Absolutely not. And have I worn woman choose? I think I've worn

00:12:40,360 --> 00:12:45,800
some women's leather slip-ons that are pretty androgynous, like I don't think anyone ever,

00:12:45,880 --> 00:12:50,920
maybe they were women's shoes, but they were the nicest shoes I had when I went to,

00:12:51,800 --> 00:12:58,600
I take that back, you know, I had some dress shoes, but they were my regular shoes that I wore

00:12:58,600 --> 00:13:07,640
around a lot and sometimes did some moving jobs in them. If I didn't expect to work and wore them

00:13:07,640 --> 00:13:12,920
and forgot my regular moving shoes or something like that, this sawed way back pre-pandemic like

00:13:13,400 --> 00:13:21,880
2019 or so, I became homeless in 2018. This feels like one of the most dense videos I've ever done

00:13:21,880 --> 00:13:31,800
at under 15 minutes a half and go for like an hour. It's nice out here. I haven't talked in a while,

00:13:32,600 --> 00:13:44,200
so yeah, I had much rather, so I'm stuck in the Midwest right now. I'd much rather go back to the

00:13:44,200 --> 00:13:54,520
Bay Area where my labor jobs paid 20 or 22 an hour. These jobs pay 14 to 16 an hour. So that's really

00:13:54,520 --> 00:14:16,600
rough, part of the airplane. So what I have to work with, so to get there with the car would

00:14:16,600 --> 00:14:26,360
probably be about $350 in gas to register a car that's the registration is lapsed probably

00:14:27,320 --> 00:14:36,120
200 bucks to ensure it probably 200 bucks for the first two months of him like 60 a month after

00:14:36,600 --> 00:14:48,600
and then what else. So this is assuming that there's already a car that I can drive. I can go

00:14:48,600 --> 00:14:59,480
there register it, get it all ready to drive. That would be totally fine. So you know it's still

00:14:59,480 --> 00:15:05,320
going to be a good $5 or $600, especially if I want to have a couple weeks of food on the

00:15:05,320 --> 00:15:11,400
other end. You know I'm probably going to want at least like a grand to my name before I do that.

00:15:12,920 --> 00:15:21,160
I know there is I don't want to be too detailed because the thing is like my former employer who

00:15:21,160 --> 00:15:27,240
is spent a ton of money making legal complaints against me and just smearing me every way they can

00:15:27,240 --> 00:15:33,240
has actually sent private investigators to my workplace. I'm not sure all the means they've actually

00:15:33,240 --> 00:15:43,000
used to mess with me with private investigators. This was open table. I don't know all the means

00:15:43,000 --> 00:15:49,560
they've used to mess with me and so I'm like trying to be super vague about all the details but

00:15:49,560 --> 00:15:54,040
saying that I'm out of the shelter in a month. I mean that sets them up to where they can know

00:15:54,040 --> 00:16:00,520
that in a month they can go hard at me again and just picture living. Don't even picture

00:16:00,600 --> 00:16:09,080
living in that situation. Just know that that's my reality. It may be that you know they feel

00:16:09,080 --> 00:16:16,200
I'm effectively neutralized but you know they've committed crimes against me. Who's statute of

00:16:16,200 --> 00:16:23,560
limitations have not passed and so if I were to somehow attain legal resources and file a complaint

00:16:23,560 --> 00:16:30,440
against them they would be in deep crap. Part of my language I know even crap is a really

00:16:30,440 --> 00:16:38,600
bad word for me these days. Even frickin' feels pretty bad for me these days because it's like

00:16:39,400 --> 00:16:44,280
how would you know there's actually kids running around I'm at a park right now so how would a

00:16:44,280 --> 00:16:52,040
parent feel if their kid heard one of those words? You know most parents are very permissive and they

00:16:52,040 --> 00:16:58,200
wouldn't you know but if how would I feel if I heard somebody saying things like that outside

00:16:58,280 --> 00:17:05,000
with my kids around I'd feel not good about it so that's how one must operate so

00:17:05,880 --> 00:17:10,840
I'm going to try to keep this video under 20 minutes to keep it in the short category and also just

00:17:11,800 --> 00:17:18,200
be mindful of all of your time. I never monetize my videos and never will so it's not ever going

00:17:18,200 --> 00:17:25,080
to be like a paid by minutes you know watch the ads kind of thing it's not like that at all like

00:17:25,960 --> 00:17:31,320
I'm never trying to milk minutes I know I know I can ramble and go long and go off on tangents a

00:17:31,320 --> 00:17:38,440
lot seem like I'm not focused etc. You know I think a lot about a lot about that is just

00:17:39,080 --> 00:17:47,560
living in a super unstable living situation. I feel ironically in a and homeless shelter way more

00:17:47,560 --> 00:17:54,680
stable than I felt staying with my relative and probably less stable than I felt staying in my

00:17:54,680 --> 00:18:03,560
car staying in my car I think I felt at least as stable as I felt in my last apartment in 2018 or

00:18:03,560 --> 00:18:12,760
I was paying like 1850 a month and I left my last tech job in 2017 thanksgiving and I was in that

00:18:12,760 --> 00:18:21,160
apartment till June of the following year so nine months and it was totally fine but still

00:18:21,480 --> 00:18:28,440
did not have the type of security that I would want to have in a living situation but when I

00:18:28,440 --> 00:18:37,000
lived in my car I was totally secure so getting back to that sort of situation in the bay area where

00:18:37,000 --> 00:18:41,160
I don't have to worry about the climate like I do in most other parts of the country where it gets

00:18:41,960 --> 00:18:48,120
extremely cold or extremely hot like today it's 95 degrees like I'm really good about keeping

00:18:48,120 --> 00:18:54,440
myself busy all day and not you know not hanging out in the car not camping out in parking lots or

00:18:54,440 --> 00:19:04,200
whatever making it hard for van life or car life or whatever to exist so that's the situation I'm

00:19:04,200 --> 00:19:09,480
trying to get back in and the way I'm trying to get back there is literally just splitting my time

00:19:09,480 --> 00:19:16,360
between working template and doing things to try to find a freelance client because once I find a freelance

00:19:16,360 --> 00:19:24,840
client then my life has changed like all my problems go away after like one week of freelancing

00:19:24,840 --> 00:19:33,160
at my normal rates but this like 15 $18 an hour thing is not cutting it but you know that said

00:19:33,160 --> 00:19:39,240
if I got an opportunity to do tech work for like 15 dollars an hour I had probably jump at it especially

00:19:39,240 --> 00:19:45,800
for stable so anyway that's what I'm selling no I don't know but it's just I'm always looking for a

00:19:45,800 --> 00:19:52,520
good opportunity and trying not to share too much but that's where I can share right now so

00:19:52,520 --> 00:19:57,320
thanks for joining and until next time


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