Homeless Guy Shows Off his Failed Product, feeling claustrophobic. CarPuter and Tiny DataCenter

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Homeless Guy Shows Off his Failed Product, feeling claustrophobic. CarPuter and Tiny DataCenter

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Spent a bunch of time at the coffee shop and then came to the library to scan receipts and ended up messing with CarPuter again and surprisingly brought it back to life.

12:00: Talking about benefits for supporters, thanks so much.




00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:08,640
Yo and welcome to the Ice Pooge Daily Channel. This is a experimental tech and media

00:00:08,640 --> 00:00:18,480
brand and we span over multiple channels, platforms, etc. etc. So here's a pretty cool

00:00:18,480 --> 00:00:24,000
one for you today. You know how this all started off with Tiny Data Center and later on

00:00:24,000 --> 00:00:28,800
I built Carputer. You might not because I haven't talked about it that much but if you've

00:00:28,800 --> 00:00:34,800
been with me for the last six years, you might know how about all the projects that I've launched

00:00:34,800 --> 00:00:39,280
and gotten zero customers for any of them, giving me a total failure for years and years.

00:00:41,600 --> 00:00:50,800
But yeah, check this out. So what's this I have in my hand? Is it a keyboard in a mouse? I think so.

00:00:50,800 --> 00:01:04,480
So, first of all, what's this? That's a USB-C connection coming out of the laptop.

00:01:04,480 --> 00:01:14,320
Huh? What's this? Oh, that's the car pewter. And we just lost me on the screen.

00:01:14,800 --> 00:01:28,720
So I just did a little test recording and the frames per second is very not good.

00:01:30,720 --> 00:01:40,880
But yeah, this is what we're running and I busted out the whole tiny data set are great.

00:01:41,360 --> 00:01:48,880
I do have a whole bunch more stuff in storage. Which once again, I'm locked out of for non-payment

00:01:48,880 --> 00:01:58,160
because I've only got 50 bucks in the bill of 70 bucks and I get paid at the end of the week.

00:01:58,160 --> 00:02:06,000
So I think I'll be able to pay it without a wait for anything. I hate that my relationships.

00:02:06,000 --> 00:02:13,040
I was, it's like completely silent and then payment failed and then it's like,

00:02:15,360 --> 00:02:22,000
what am I supposed to say? The money is not there. You told me via email, you told me via text,

00:02:22,800 --> 00:02:26,400
and the money is not there. So what do I have to say to you? I absolutely nothing.

00:02:27,120 --> 00:02:29,840
So I'm just going to say absolutely nothing until I have the money.

00:02:30,400 --> 00:02:42,960
And just how I deal with that kind of thing. I mean, it's like telling them that I have the money

00:02:43,760 --> 00:02:50,080
or not. When I have the money, I'll be like, I have the money. Go ahead and charge the card now.

00:02:50,160 --> 00:03:01,600
Hey, it's something I never had to deal with in my life, not having money.

00:03:03,120 --> 00:03:11,600
Well, what is my, what is this my that we speak of? Does it count?

00:03:11,920 --> 00:03:26,160
Like when I was in high school, does it count? I just, I've lived a few lives. So my, my referred

00:03:26,160 --> 00:03:39,840
a multiple. Is it a surprise that I don't have any friends? Is it a surprise that I don't want to

00:03:39,920 --> 00:03:57,040
talk to people? Once I'm in a better spot, then yeah, I'll be not so avoidant. I'm just avoidant

00:03:57,040 --> 00:04:04,800
because I'm not really me. Wow, I did not expect to go on to this topic at all.

00:04:05,120 --> 00:04:16,640
I have no idea where this is coming from. Well, yes, I do, but I didn't expect to go on this topic.

00:04:20,000 --> 00:04:24,640
So yeah, I'm all excited about the Raspberry Pi because okay, the thing is this

00:04:25,520 --> 00:04:31,840
car putter has not booted up for a while. And so the solution I figured out was I got

00:04:32,800 --> 00:04:39,520
I have all of these, I've got like 10 of these. And this one had a couple

00:04:40,560 --> 00:04:46,240
heatsinks stuck on it. I noticed that the chip was getting very hot right when I turned it on.

00:04:47,200 --> 00:04:54,400
And so I took these heatsinks and stuck it onto the pie. And then suddenly it would boot and stay on.

00:04:55,200 --> 00:04:59,840
And so that was the problem heats. I'm guessing because when I built it and when I

00:04:59,840 --> 00:05:07,200
used as a daily driver, it was in a much colder season. And so the ambient temperature

00:05:07,200 --> 00:05:19,920
probably kept it cool enough to run. But now, in a warmer environment, like it was pretty hot in the

00:05:19,920 --> 00:05:25,440
car today. I've actually made it inside the solar panel covering the the window. So in the

00:05:25,440 --> 00:05:30,640
sun was shining straight in, it was quite hot. And then that, it's kind of cool because it

00:05:30,640 --> 00:05:37,360
sheds me and it gave me more power than I'm using, is giving me 20 watts earlier. Now it's only

00:05:37,360 --> 00:05:44,800
giving me 10. I bet if I slide it onto the roof, it'll give me more like what I was getting earlier.

00:05:44,800 --> 00:05:59,440
And since the sun's not beaming straight on to me, it's not a huge problem. What are we getting now?

00:06:02,240 --> 00:06:07,520
Now we're getting fake 15. And so we just got a 50% increase in power.

00:06:07,520 --> 00:06:16,400
And just from doing that. And it's a 100 watt panel. The most I've seen come out of it is like 50.

00:06:20,000 --> 00:06:25,440
So now we're getting 16. So that's about the peak there. I bet if I tilted it some,

00:06:27,040 --> 00:06:33,840
it would probably do a little bit better. It was somewhat vertical when I got that high and put so

00:06:34,560 --> 00:06:47,280
now it's 16 watts and in 17 watts out. So yeah, this is closer to the roots of what the channel

00:06:47,280 --> 00:06:53,280
originally was messing around with all kinds of computer stuff. So the car puter will run on

00:06:53,280 --> 00:07:02,000
this battery for like three or four hours. The big thing that I've been messing with has been actually

00:07:02,000 --> 00:07:08,800
making it show up as an ethernet device. And I did have it working for a while, but then I rebooted

00:07:08,800 --> 00:07:17,440
it and stopped working and I'm not 100% sure. What I need to do to re-sync it, get it talking again,

00:07:17,440 --> 00:07:31,920
but anyway. So once I have mobile service, I'll be able to actually run this. This uses like

00:07:32,080 --> 00:07:41,280
four watts or so and it's got a SIM port, a WPS button. It's actually got a corded telephone port

00:07:42,560 --> 00:07:51,600
and two ethernet ports. So this networking thing that I'm messing with through the USB-C cable,

00:07:51,600 --> 00:07:58,160
it's exactly the same as if the two devices were connected via Wi-Fi. So whatever the case,

00:07:58,160 --> 00:08:04,960
they'll be able to talk. It's just nice permit developer perspective to just plug in the USB-C and

00:08:04,960 --> 00:08:13,040
have it power and network and everything together. So at the kernel level, it works. It's just a

00:08:13,040 --> 00:08:22,640
network level configuration thing where I have to set the IP addresses and the routes to line up

00:08:22,640 --> 00:08:35,040
bright, and I'm just not sure why that's not happening. So yeah, a big old crow or Raven actually,

00:08:35,040 --> 00:08:43,680
I think, is it a crow or Raven? I think that's a Raven. If I saw I'm side by side, I could tell the

00:08:43,760 --> 00:08:57,680
difference. Anyway, maybe it is a crow. I think Ravens are more fluffy and crows are more oily

00:08:57,680 --> 00:09:07,920
slick. So anyway, yeah, the carputer is booting up again. I just put a fresh operating system on it.

00:09:08,880 --> 00:09:15,440
The last one that I had, while I was getting all of my stack, all of my apps and whatnot running on it,

00:09:16,000 --> 00:09:24,080
I was getting that done within Docker and Docker just abused the SSD. And it was also not the high

00:09:24,080 --> 00:09:32,320
performance type of SSD that I thought it was. I just got, I was mistaken, and I bought the right model,

00:09:32,320 --> 00:09:39,600
but not the right model. I bought the one I shopped for, but I shopped for the wrong one.

00:09:40,800 --> 00:09:47,680
So I got another one, although some of these of anyway, we'll see how it works out.

00:09:48,080 --> 00:10:04,880
Yeah, good Lord. So it's April Fool's Day. Probably have to work tomorrow. I always just go in

00:10:05,600 --> 00:10:13,520
at 9 o'clock and either get my schedule and don't work or every time going and start work

00:10:13,920 --> 00:10:24,320
and write my schedule down. So yeah, man, I've just been feeling just so claustrophobic and stuck into the

00:10:26,000 --> 00:10:37,440
like, I think it part of its the heat. Part of was just like,

00:10:37,440 --> 00:10:43,920
so I didn't have my earplugs today either when I went into Starbucks. I forgot them in my

00:10:43,920 --> 00:10:51,360
sweater pocket, which is now dirty. And so I didn't have my earplugs today too, so that was just like,

00:10:53,120 --> 00:10:57,360
there's only a few spots you can sit because the outlets and so I was like, right next to this

00:10:57,360 --> 00:11:04,160
speaker and it was just like, and I tolerated it for way more hours than I usually do as well. I went

00:11:04,160 --> 00:11:21,680
in at 637 and stayed until like noon. And knowing how much money I have, like, you know,

00:11:21,680 --> 00:11:26,720
I got the notice that the storage bill payment failed, so I'm like, oh crap, how much money do I have?

00:11:27,040 --> 00:11:34,960
Like, 50 bucks. It's fine. It's just like, I just hate knowing how much money I have.

00:11:39,040 --> 00:11:46,560
God, what is there to talk about today? Like, the Patreon did not get up to five people

00:11:46,560 --> 00:11:52,800
unfortunately, so I'm not going to release my app that I was hoping to release this month.

00:11:53,760 --> 00:12:00,480
We can try again for the end of the month. I do seriously appreciate all the Venmo support and

00:12:00,480 --> 00:12:06,880
everything. So what I will definitely at least do is everyone, so everyone who's on Patreon

00:12:06,880 --> 00:12:12,960
actually gets licenses for 100% off coupons for my apps that I've released on gum road.

00:12:14,480 --> 00:12:20,160
And everyone who's supported on Venmo, I will also give that same coupon to

00:12:20,320 --> 00:12:24,560
you because I seriously appreciate you all. I want to do something for you guys.

00:12:25,600 --> 00:12:34,720
I wish we would have got that app. I mean, my feelings say just release it, but I guess

00:12:34,720 --> 00:12:43,120
got a hold to what I said. You know, my feelings say just release everything right away, but that's

00:12:43,440 --> 00:12:51,520
not a wise way to go. I've found. So I was thinking I might release another app as a

00:12:51,520 --> 00:12:57,920
consolation because I have like 20 apps and only a few of them have been released and like half

00:12:57,920 --> 00:13:10,720
of them have been disclosed. But my big one, I really want to release it and I just got the thing

00:13:10,720 --> 00:13:16,400
is it's social. So it's going to require a few users using it for it to really benefit.

00:13:17,680 --> 00:13:23,040
And I don't even want to disclose the nature of the app. I'll just say like, you know,

00:13:24,800 --> 00:13:30,800
if three people are using it at sweet, if one person's using it, that's just me every day.

00:13:31,600 --> 00:13:36,960
And I forget that half the features are there because of the way that I design the apps,

00:13:37,120 --> 00:13:45,600
like a lot of the features aren't even in the app. It's just like you run some job that

00:13:45,600 --> 00:13:50,160
syncs something to the file system and the app reads the file system and so there's

00:13:51,200 --> 00:13:55,120
you know, that additional data there, all of a sudden when it's written to the file system by

00:13:55,120 --> 00:14:04,240
some other process. So, you know, that's like the Unix way and that's how I write

00:14:04,320 --> 00:14:12,640
it's usually write my apps. Like that's kind of the point of a lot of this is writing apps in this

00:14:14,880 --> 00:14:28,080
specific way. So yeah. What's the title of this one? Homeless guy talks about business that's failed

00:14:28,160 --> 00:14:34,560
to launch for six years. I have sold some freelance, so it's not a total failure, but

00:14:38,160 --> 00:14:41,920
I've done pretty much everything wrong, like going to my old friends

00:14:42,800 --> 00:14:51,120
before just trying to find a new set of people who appreciate it. I mean, how backwards is that?

00:14:51,120 --> 00:14:57,520
Everyone wants to talk about their day ones and help out their day ones and that maybe it was just

00:14:57,600 --> 00:15:03,200
too many years between day one and year 18 or whatever of my doing this.

00:15:15,680 --> 00:15:23,280
This feels like a total failure of a video, but yeah, we've been it's I was either the homeless guy

00:15:23,280 --> 00:15:31,280
rages or the narcissistic abuse ones that do numbers. And it makes sense because I've got

00:15:31,280 --> 00:15:37,440
unique things to say there, as far as just being a tech guy and building some tech products and

00:15:37,440 --> 00:15:44,320
blah, blah, blah, like there's a zillion of us, but to be a homeless tech guy who's

00:15:45,040 --> 00:15:50,320
fled domestic abuse and stayed in a homeless shelter and all this stuff, not April fools.

00:15:50,880 --> 00:15:57,680
That's that's a unique voice. People appreciate that and I appreciate y'all who appreciate that and who

00:15:57,680 --> 00:16:07,440
have helped me out. That's that's awesome. I just want to be a tech founder, man. I don't want

00:16:07,440 --> 00:16:13,600
to be a homeless guy. I want to be a tech guy. You know, I'm building all this stuff for myself

00:16:14,000 --> 00:16:24,960
and it's super empowering for me as a person who's like been through a homeless shelter and was raised by

00:16:24,960 --> 00:16:31,920
alcoholic parents and has been physically assaulted by my dad and had to go to a homeless shelter

00:16:31,920 --> 00:16:40,240
and blah, blah, blah, like nobody likes to have all that stuff, but it's you know, it's certainly

00:16:40,240 --> 00:16:46,240
not a made up marketing gimmick, although making that claim is something that narcissistic people

00:16:46,240 --> 00:16:53,600
would do obviously and if that claim is true, then I'm the biggest narcissist ever

00:16:56,320 --> 00:17:06,080
and obviously, you know, I could be putting on a show, I'm not, but it's one thing that coming on

00:17:06,160 --> 00:17:14,320
here every day has kind of done. So it does create real accountability in some ways, but on the

00:17:14,320 --> 00:17:20,480
other hand, you know, people still have claim when I was doing this at the very beginning of the

00:17:20,480 --> 00:17:27,840
channel that I'm just putting on a show that I'm just, you know, smiling for the camera, whatever.

00:17:29,760 --> 00:17:34,960
And that's such a common meme that like, you know, people get on camera and have one personality

00:17:35,120 --> 00:17:41,440
then they get off camera, they're like wildly depressed and like there's no way to prove that's

00:17:41,440 --> 00:17:47,360
not true. Like I've already been through the thought process or the thought train of like doing a

00:17:47,360 --> 00:17:54,080
24 or seven live stream, but that's just even if it were practical and everything,

00:17:55,520 --> 00:18:02,320
it's expensive because what have I been having problems with, you know, getting enough power to even

00:18:02,320 --> 00:18:10,480
empower these things, storage devices filling up, not having network connectivity, you know,

00:18:10,480 --> 00:18:17,280
you need all of that to do a 24 hour live stream. And when I was still in an apartment, I didn't even

00:18:17,280 --> 00:18:23,200
realize how expensive that was. I had a gigabit, fiber internet connection, you know, I just got an

00:18:23,200 --> 00:18:28,240
a terabyte regular, like big beefy hard drive, not even worried about how much power it uses,

00:18:28,240 --> 00:18:37,520
power included in rent, blah, blah, blah. So it's like, and even 350 square feet of space,

00:18:37,520 --> 00:18:43,120
like this. So when we talk about, okay, just tint the windows and use this as an office, like,

00:18:45,120 --> 00:18:50,640
like I'm already at the point now where when I set stuff down, I lose it and I have to like scan

00:18:50,640 --> 00:18:57,120
for like 20 seconds to find something I just set down. You know, so it's just like, it's death by a

00:18:57,120 --> 00:19:03,760
million paper cuts of inefficiency in such a tiny space. And then like, you can tell today with the

00:19:03,760 --> 00:19:09,520
wires jiggling, like I don't have to move much to jiggle stuff. Like I opened up the carputer,

00:19:09,520 --> 00:19:15,600
I lost a screw somewhere. So like next time I vacuum, I have to watch out for screws. I vacuumed

00:19:15,600 --> 00:19:19,600
recently, so I might just be able to pick everything up and find it on the ground because it's like a

00:19:19,600 --> 00:19:25,440
shiny metallic thing. You know, so I just give you a one more view because we're coming up on the

00:19:25,440 --> 00:19:34,800
20 minute mark. Oh, I've got a plant too. So USB-C, going right into the carputer and

00:19:36,160 --> 00:19:42,480
it's tiny data center stuff. I've just got two more servers right in my hand. How cool is that?

00:19:44,000 --> 00:19:49,440
So yeah, we're coming up on the end. You've seen me from a new angle for the first time ever, maybe.

00:19:50,640 --> 00:19:55,200
Thanks for joining us. Thanks for the support. I will call out the supporters in due time.

00:19:55,440 --> 00:19:57,520
Thanks a lot. Love you. Thanks a lot. Bye.


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