Homeless Guy In the Bush Talks Rural vs. Urban Homelessness

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Homeless Guy In the Bush Talks Rural vs. Urban Homelessness

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Ran away from the bum fights at the library an hour out into the big park, found a good spot and just hacked for a while. At the beginning of the session so you'll have to wait to hear about the great feature I found in pre-installed, industry grade software on my Linux laptop.

I realize I broke my rule by trying to point the camera at the woodpeckers, thankfully they got away. And the spiders, sorry guys.




00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:11,200
Yo and welcome to the Ice Boog daily channel. Hopefully you all can hear me I haven't

00:00:11,200 --> 00:00:17,840
even done a sound check but yeah so I ran away from the library in the inner city park and

00:00:17,840 --> 00:00:23,040
now I'm at the far away rich people's park and this is what I was actually going to record

00:00:23,040 --> 00:00:29,120
a video on earlier but I just didn't prompt you to record it that one just to adapt a little

00:00:30,000 --> 00:00:38,000
which is rural homelessness is way harder than urban homelessness and look at the economics

00:00:39,600 --> 00:00:45,280
I know my lighting isn't great now that I'm looking at I didn't even look when I set this up

00:00:45,280 --> 00:00:48,320
but it's not the worst frame is it so

00:00:48,320 --> 00:01:01,440
urban homelessness I did not feel too much emotional distress but rural homelessness

00:01:02,160 --> 00:01:06,240
there's a lot of distress because there's a lot of competition for limited resources

00:01:07,200 --> 00:01:15,440
so you know Starbucks the urban intersection of wilderness and civilization

00:01:16,400 --> 00:01:21,600
still exists in rural places but there might be like one per town spread out every 10 miles

00:01:22,400 --> 00:01:28,080
and that's the coffee shop in town like there is no competition it's just a Starbucks

00:01:28,960 --> 00:01:34,640
so the Starbucks store manager has a lot of power you know they're basically

00:01:38,800 --> 00:01:44,480
they have full power to send someone back to the wilderness to to expel them from town effectively

00:01:44,560 --> 00:01:49,600
if Starbucks is the only place that someone can be and they get kicked out of Starbucks for

00:01:49,600 --> 00:01:55,360
whatever reason that puts a lot of power in the hands of a Starbucks manager so we talk about

00:01:55,360 --> 00:01:59,440
oh why do all the homeless people go to the city is it it's just drug tourism

00:02:01,280 --> 00:02:08,720
well maybe in part maybe they just feel so broken down by the last

00:02:08,800 --> 00:02:16,640
civilization that they saw that they're like man I'll get to the big city and boom here's all

00:02:16,640 --> 00:02:22,240
these people offering them free drugs and whatever and they take it or maybe they were getting

00:02:22,240 --> 00:02:26,720
into drugs in small town and went to the city for that but I kind of doubt that's the case

00:02:28,880 --> 00:02:33,360
I think it's more like they just fall into it but I don't hang around that kind of person so I

00:02:33,360 --> 00:02:40,720
haven't asked firsthand I don't have firsthand knowledge besides just avoiding junkies whenever I

00:02:40,720 --> 00:02:48,160
see them not too many questions to ask of them especially in that state right so to like the

00:02:48,160 --> 00:02:52,560
state that people assume that I'm in but they're wrong I said in the previous video I'm a

00:02:52,560 --> 00:02:59,680
different kind of homeless person I'm not the only one but I'm one who fell from gentry rather than

00:02:59,680 --> 00:03:06,880
you know low on the labor ladder like I climb the labor I moved over to gentry I might have

00:03:06,880 --> 00:03:14,080
even moved over to elite so I might have made two ladder changes in my life so I've climbed a lot

00:03:15,200 --> 00:03:20,480
and it's not saying I've climbed more than anybody else but I've climbed more than most people

00:03:21,360 --> 00:03:25,120
and my aptitude is not compatible with most people like I definitely

00:03:25,280 --> 00:03:32,480
earned my spot in E4 if that's where I made it because I've worked very very hard and talking

00:03:32,480 --> 00:03:37,760
about hard work is actually not a gentry value you're not supposed to do that in a gentry ladder

00:03:37,760 --> 00:03:44,880
South for engineers pretend that everything comes so easy to them and that yeah that's a whole

00:03:44,880 --> 00:03:51,040
other topic you know the the Shibaliths of the software developer

00:03:57,920 --> 00:03:59,200
this is beautiful

00:04:03,360 --> 00:04:05,840
maybe this is even better to look at than my face

00:04:08,400 --> 00:04:09,760
look at how beautiful that is

00:04:10,080 --> 00:04:18,960
and not too many bugs out as long as you stay in the light which is an interesting

00:04:20,480 --> 00:04:27,440
parallel a talking about the parasites at the limited resources well that's actually what

00:04:27,440 --> 00:04:31,280
mosquitoes are they're just hanging out in your little pool of the water where they can lay eggs or

00:04:31,280 --> 00:04:36,720
where they were born but I'm like I'm a mosquito that turned into a blue jay you know

00:04:36,720 --> 00:04:45,440
and so now I'm a homeless blue jay it's because I was wounded not physically but socially

00:04:47,200 --> 00:04:52,560
perhaps mentally spiritually as a result of being wounded socially and finding out that

00:04:52,560 --> 00:04:58,480
my support system wasn't what I thought it was etc etc these are some wood peckers

00:04:59,440 --> 00:05:06,720
which have flown away man what a spotty

00:05:15,200 --> 00:05:23,760
so limited resources make rural homeless people more aggressive they also mean you just have

00:05:23,760 --> 00:05:31,760
less places to go so you're more likely to find aggressive people and yes there were two

00:05:31,760 --> 00:05:40,080
bum plates at the library today and this isn't supposed to be a gossip just hit me these guys are

00:05:40,160 --> 00:05:45,120
falling out of the tree like crazy there's another one

00:05:53,280 --> 00:05:57,840
I'm Caesar back here another one just fell out I only have two years guys that's enough

00:05:58,640 --> 00:06:06,960
my cup is full so and just like these do plants there's so much to look at you can just sit in the

00:06:07,040 --> 00:06:11,520
spot for hours and keep finding new stuff

00:06:14,640 --> 00:06:25,360
love it butterflies birdies the water I bet is just a great temperature today I've been seeing people

00:06:25,360 --> 00:06:29,360
coming out with wet hair so no doubt they've been swimming or whatever

00:06:29,760 --> 00:06:36,720
there's the computer and the battery

00:06:46,240 --> 00:06:51,040
so yeah I think our car lets me get here you know

00:06:51,120 --> 00:07:01,200
between walking in 10 or 15 minutes of a walk and then 10 or 15 minutes of the drive from the

00:07:01,200 --> 00:07:11,040
library and beautiful I'm glad I came out here I'm glad I got pushed out here see it's always the

00:07:11,040 --> 00:07:18,720
lessons like I could just sit and stew about oh no I can't go to the library so an hour

00:07:18,720 --> 00:07:24,800
round trip to get out here like versus stewing at the library for an hour and probably not

00:07:24,800 --> 00:07:32,960
getting a lot done so I can sit out here for a couple hours on this battery maybe I'll get

00:07:32,960 --> 00:07:38,960
stuff done maybe not I don't have internet access which is nice in some ways I don't actually

00:07:38,960 --> 00:07:44,560
need it to code I do have that Raspberry Pi and I figured out the networking stuff

00:07:44,560 --> 00:07:51,120
earlier today at the library so I just have to figure out how to automate it but at least

00:07:51,120 --> 00:07:57,120
can manually do it now I know what commands what combination of commands I need to run I know

00:07:57,120 --> 00:08:01,840
it's behavior when I plug it in it changes it's MAC address so that's something I'd have to

00:08:01,840 --> 00:08:07,920
fix to get static configuration to work and blah blah blah it's just it's step-by-step I know

00:08:07,920 --> 00:08:12,880
that there's some set of steps I can take to automate it but I know that I can do it manually

00:08:12,880 --> 00:08:19,680
already so boom that's more capability that means I can come out here with these two things burn 20

00:08:19,680 --> 00:08:26,560
watts double fist my computers develop some distributed systems out in the woods on 20 watts of

00:08:26,560 --> 00:08:33,680
power and I've got a smaller folding solar panel too but it doesn't have the adapter for the

00:08:33,680 --> 00:08:40,880
jackery I might have a combination of adapters that cables kind of heavy it's cable that'll carry

00:08:40,880 --> 00:08:50,400
10 amps for 10 feet so it might weigh a couple pounds even or a pound at least anyway this is the

00:08:50,400 --> 00:08:56,800
first run of getting stuff out here and it fit in my non homeless guy backpack I don't want to pick

00:08:56,800 --> 00:09:06,960
it up because if I jiggle that wrong the whole thing shuts off so yeah yeah we're burning 12 watts

00:09:07,040 --> 00:09:15,200
right now without Raspberry Pi we shut the screen brightness down a little bit still burning 12 watts

00:09:15,200 --> 00:09:25,120
if we shut it all the way off 11 I was hoping it would drop down to 10 but even the drop down to 10 so

00:09:25,120 --> 00:09:31,200
even if we're saving 15% by shutting the screen all the way down that's a huge win right

00:09:32,160 --> 00:09:39,280
how much do we save by not having the preview on do we save a water too right so if we can't get it

00:09:39,280 --> 00:09:45,680
down to nine watts now like a nine watt dip that would be sweet 11 10

00:09:49,440 --> 00:10:01,120
anyway solid 10 watts from 12 I mean that's a win so yeah going on 10 minutes it already feels like

00:10:01,760 --> 00:10:07,600
the atmosphere is so much more light already to me at least I don't know if you feel it or

00:10:07,600 --> 00:10:11,680
hear it in my voice it feels like it's just flowing even I'm in like a much less

00:10:13,280 --> 00:10:21,600
conducive to speaking position I was supposed to be talking about rural homelessness but I'm just like

00:10:23,200 --> 00:10:28,560
like an excited infant like wow all the things whoa there's a spider that's one thing you

00:10:28,560 --> 00:10:37,200
do gotta watch out for is I don't know if you guys can see it the spiders and stuff there's two of them

00:10:37,920 --> 00:10:45,920
it's like the more you look the more you see them anyway god protects the righteous so just be good

00:10:48,080 --> 00:10:58,160
so yeah rural homelessness this is probably what people think of with rural homelessness

00:10:58,160 --> 00:11:04,320
but the thing is the logistics to make this work are very big so I could sneak out the hundred watt

00:11:04,320 --> 00:11:09,760
solar panel I could sneak in a few trips worth of stuff and then I could actually start setting up

00:11:09,760 --> 00:11:16,720
camp here I'm not going to do that this spot is like way too accessible people come by sometimes

00:11:16,720 --> 00:11:21,520
there's like up someone else is here there's 50 other spots that you can sit down on the side of the

00:11:22,400 --> 00:11:29,840
stream goes swimming catch some sun whatever let the dog go swimming whatever this is one of many

00:11:29,840 --> 00:11:38,160
many spots but this is like this is the Cadillac spot like there's no beating this spot it's it's

00:11:38,160 --> 00:11:45,600
great in every way so this is not what rural homelessness is really like though

00:11:45,680 --> 00:11:56,160
it's more it's far more hopeless than urban hopeless urban homelessness as well too

00:12:03,760 --> 00:12:08,800
it's cheaper to live but there's less opportunity and the opportunity that there is is more

00:12:09,360 --> 00:12:17,200
sort of insider I think like the norm is web of trust as opposed to in the city it's

00:12:17,200 --> 00:12:27,600
drop your resume there's still probably both options in both places but I think

00:12:27,600 --> 00:12:33,520
tempers and stuff are gonna run a lot higher in rural homelessness than urban homelessness

00:12:33,520 --> 00:12:38,480
because there's just so many more options in the urban environment people can just leave and

00:12:38,480 --> 00:12:47,920
go to one of way more places you know Starbucks on every corner is a meme but it's you know

00:12:47,920 --> 00:12:58,800
there's Starbucks and when there's like Starbucks, pizza fills, dunk in there's like three or four

00:12:58,800 --> 00:13:05,360
big guys there's a ton of indies so you can have your pick and if you get kicked out one

00:13:05,360 --> 00:13:09,280
which you're less likely to because the manager is less likely to be power trip and to

00:13:09,280 --> 00:13:15,600
begin with so you're less likely to even get kicked out of one in an urban setting like

00:13:21,920 --> 00:13:26,400
I don't know how in depth it seemed like I was gonna go with this like to me

00:13:27,520 --> 00:13:32,320
I feel like there's a lot more anecdotes I could share I'm new to rural homelessness I've lived my

00:13:32,320 --> 00:13:41,440
entire life in a city but you know the other thing is just in rural there's fewer people so

00:13:41,440 --> 00:13:46,880
you're gonna start seeing the same faces over and over and over again like you're gonna keep looking

00:13:46,880 --> 00:13:50,320
up and seeing the same people staring at you at Starbucks for example

00:13:56,640 --> 00:14:01,600
I mean you got regulars in urban environments as well but now the cost of living in urban

00:14:01,680 --> 00:14:09,360
environments is higher too so people are gonna have to be more focused on their work on average I think

00:14:12,480 --> 00:14:20,480
they're gonna care less about what's going on too like I think people are gonna be more invested

00:14:20,480 --> 00:14:26,480
in their communities in small towns not every person but a higher proportion I think so much of

00:14:26,480 --> 00:14:35,040
this is just opinions what do I really have to say today so I mean this this loss of space is

00:14:35,040 --> 00:14:41,600
actually a lesson so that that's good I think rural homeless people are actually gonna end up migrating

00:14:41,600 --> 00:14:48,480
to urban for the most part like I'm constantly tempted to go back to the Bay Area but I really like

00:14:48,480 --> 00:14:54,560
it here and want to stick it out and I don't think I'll be homeless for long one of my co-workers who

00:14:54,640 --> 00:15:00,080
spent some time homeless he told me that he knew that within six months of living in the park

00:15:01,440 --> 00:15:07,120
in one of these smaller central valley towns you know hours outside the Bay Area still

00:15:08,320 --> 00:15:14,640
that it would change him into just being too animalistic to come back to society he doesn't

00:15:14,640 --> 00:15:20,800
know my background and I think he's right about rural homelessness he spent six months rural

00:15:20,880 --> 00:15:26,320
homeless you're not coming back well I've already spent there was some time in January I got

00:15:26,320 --> 00:15:31,520
here in September there was some time in January where I might have not had to call myself homeless but

00:15:31,520 --> 00:15:39,440
I'm back homeless so I'm you know second homelessness number two both under six months

00:15:40,800 --> 00:15:45,840
September and I mean I guess I've even been in the central valley for about six months total in

00:15:45,840 --> 00:15:53,760
homeless twice now but again I think I'll be able to not be able to call myself not homeless

00:15:53,760 --> 00:16:01,680
after like two more paychecks because this next paycheck so I missed I'm already laid on my storage bill

00:16:02,320 --> 00:16:09,200
so that's gonna have to get paid my gym's gonna have to get paid my car insurance is gonna have to get paid

00:16:09,920 --> 00:16:16,960
all by four my next paycheck so that's pretty much my whole next paycheck and then my next next

00:16:16,960 --> 00:16:23,840
paycheck which is what I meant to say it all has to get paid before my next next paycheck that all pretty

00:16:23,840 --> 00:16:37,040
much be pay my hosting bill which is 10 bucks and pay what else see out my next check is gonna be

00:16:38,000 --> 00:16:49,600
storage gym car insurance that's big those three I might be able to push the gym

00:16:50,320 --> 00:16:56,560
bill back oh that's like because yeah I only get paid less than every two weeks now so it's a little bit harder

00:16:58,000 --> 00:17:03,440
so I'm gonna because my car insurance I can only push back to the eight to not quite far enough

00:17:04,080 --> 00:17:09,520
that's why that last you know I got the overdraft fee for that which by the way so I did go to

00:17:09,520 --> 00:17:15,840
the bank and they refunded the overdraft fee which was 36 bucks that's actually more than half of my

00:17:15,840 --> 00:17:24,400
next car insurance bill to begin with so that was a huge help and you know that made me a lot

00:17:25,840 --> 00:17:32,080
more happy as a customer with that bank that they would give me the benefit of the doubt in that

00:17:32,080 --> 00:17:39,520
case what it took was going to a manager has opposed to entry level employee I also went to a

00:17:39,520 --> 00:17:45,440
branch in a nicer neighborhood so I think those two things like go to a branch in a rich neighborhood

00:17:45,440 --> 00:17:49,920
especially if you're a gentry your gentry type person might just be a little bit busted down

00:17:49,920 --> 00:17:57,120
between jobs people get that branch manager is like a L2 or so they're still on the labor ladder

00:17:57,120 --> 00:18:01,680
but they know who the gentry are they serve them they know it's good to invest in those customers

00:18:02,320 --> 00:18:07,120
so what you want to do is get the branch manager to invest in you so you go to a nicer neighborhood

00:18:07,120 --> 00:18:14,160
your polite you know you take your hat off you wait politely etc you say 100% my fault

00:18:15,120 --> 00:18:19,760
you know I'm between jobs they'll want to congratulate you the branch manager was the first one

00:18:20,880 --> 00:18:23,440
he employees did not congratulate me who I talked to

00:18:24,080 --> 00:18:37,920
so yeah I mean you got to be street smart which definitely helps my perspective of analyzing

00:18:39,600 --> 00:18:45,520
urban versus rural homelessness as a person firsthand experiencing it like I'm not a busted

00:18:45,520 --> 00:18:52,720
down person I'm a very well-educated hardworking person and two of my trying to convince right

00:18:54,160 --> 00:18:59,760
but I'll give you one more shot we've got a little bit over a minute left I'm this 20 minute video

00:19:03,920 --> 00:19:13,120
and this is definitely not liberal homelessness is like I just Emma half an hour from the middle of

00:19:13,120 --> 00:19:23,120
town by car and so I'm one of the few blessed enough to actually get out here and be homeless here

00:19:23,200 --> 00:19:28,640
for the better part of a day where people would actually be coming to swim or something like that

00:19:28,640 --> 00:19:34,080
I come with a jackrey and a laptop and set up that camp so this is my first time doing this

00:19:36,640 --> 00:19:41,600
and the reason I didn't before is just now it's it's April 2nd right the days are just getting

00:19:41,600 --> 00:19:46,960
longer and whatnot so this is probably going to be a thing for the summer so thanks a lot for

00:19:46,960 --> 00:19:54,160
joining and I'm looking forward to seeing you next time and thanks for everything take care bye


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