Homeless Guy On "Why Don't you Just __?"; The Physics of Homelessness, Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

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Homeless Guy On "Why Don't you Just __?"; The Physics of Homelessness, Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

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Talking about why I don't just follow everyone's advice, which is generally ignorant at best. I'm sure people mean well, and I'm here to try to help them understand. But there is human or social programming that prevents a person from accepting wisdom from people in lower places than them; the caste system is alive and well, and homeless people are the lowest caste. They can be advised to briefly and given up on after failing to obey, without consideration as to why... instead generalizing their failure to being the cause of their terminal homelessness.

It only takes the right people to find my work. I make the best possible effort even if I fail in ways that are obvious and easily preventable to a person with resources, such as my past self who I share a body with still even as a homeless guy.

My failure isn't what it may look like. Thanks for everything if you've contributed.




00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:04,600
Yo, and welcome to the Ice Pooge Daily Channel.

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It's a morning post, I'm outside the library that just opened and I had the computer

00:00:09,600 --> 00:00:11,800

00:00:11,800 --> 00:00:17,600
So rather than recording a whole 20 minute video from scratch since one of my goals is to

00:00:17,600 --> 00:00:24,520
start editing, I might salvage that clip, use this intro, which unfortunately I just

00:00:24,520 --> 00:00:29,960
recorded a few minutes of and I had the microphone on mute because I was in a rush

00:00:29,960 --> 00:00:39,520
I didn't check everything properly like I need to and I hate when I make mistakes

00:00:39,520 --> 00:00:49,800
is homeless guy because people will use the reverse halo effect like there's the halo

00:00:49,800 --> 00:00:55,160
effect where if someone likes you, they'll overlook everything that you do wrong or

00:00:55,160 --> 00:01:01,600
even maybe attribute it to virtue like oh you're slow because you're thorough but on the

00:01:01,600 --> 00:01:06,560
other hand you know that's if you have a reputation for great work and they see that you're

00:01:06,560 --> 00:01:12,080
slow oh you're slow because you're thorough but if you're just obviously homeless oh he's

00:01:12,080 --> 00:01:17,240
slow and that's why he's not employable so it's the opposite of a halo effect it's like you

00:01:17,240 --> 00:01:23,480
know something bad about a person so you attribute whatever same behavior to badness

00:01:23,480 --> 00:01:32,640
so yeah there's some like landscaping guys working outside or whatever and it has absolutely

00:01:32,640 --> 00:01:37,720
no impact on my life but you know like I keep looking at them they keep looking at me right

00:01:37,720 --> 00:01:44,520
I have no impact on their life except I might be like you know a criminal here to steal

00:01:44,520 --> 00:01:48,120
or something so they've got a little bit more claim to keep feeling nervous and looking

00:01:48,120 --> 00:01:53,040
at me but on the other hand you know I've talked about like homeowners are more dangerous

00:01:53,040 --> 00:01:59,040
than any homeless person because you know they'll call the cops or whatever and then you've

00:01:59,040 --> 00:02:06,360
got that problem to deal with if they come so yeah what did I even record in that like

00:02:06,360 --> 00:02:12,040
four minute pre intro clip basically I said yeah I'll try to salvage it since editing

00:02:12,040 --> 00:02:17,880
is one of my goals anyway so I'll record like a pre clip and a post clip and then I'll

00:02:17,960 --> 00:02:27,080
stitch them together inside at the library but then I can't record inside so you know recording

00:02:27,080 --> 00:02:32,680
the intro and then working on it and recording the outro doesn't make sense I got to record

00:02:32,680 --> 00:02:37,960
all three pieces here and then go inside with all of it hope that I can stitch it together

00:02:38,040 --> 00:02:49,640
do that posted etc etc so gosh really terrible that I lost the audio on the last one so

00:02:50,360 --> 00:02:55,640
less than have two audio recorded is going and I have done that in the past I've done that with my

00:02:55,640 --> 00:03:07,880
voice recorder so yeah here I'll play the clip and then I'll watch the clip and I'll

00:03:07,960 --> 00:03:16,440
record an outro and then I'll go inside yo and welcome to the ice boot daily channel

00:03:17,320 --> 00:03:24,840
it's a morning post I don't usually do that yesterday was a day off and I could have

00:03:25,800 --> 00:03:35,240
recorded a video the last couple have been very contentless if you will

00:03:35,720 --> 00:03:44,680
so that's the story of how I've been homeless for six years like I'm sure there's people out there

00:03:44,680 --> 00:03:51,720
like oh I emailed you and you're just not responding like if you just respond or you know maybe

00:03:51,720 --> 00:04:01,560
getting angry with me maybe not but you know the people just don't understand what it's like to

00:04:01,560 --> 00:04:06,680
be homeless you don't like a head to point out I didn't have to point out but in the

00:04:06,680 --> 00:04:11,960
rural versus urban homelessness video I'm like this isn't what rural homelessness is like

00:04:17,000 --> 00:04:21,720
just because I know that you know what people see they kind of bring into

00:04:23,560 --> 00:04:30,760
they bring along all of their preconceptions like my family used to be like oh why don't you just

00:04:30,760 --> 00:04:40,040
shower in the creek instead of getting a gym membership well because there's a good number of reasons

00:04:41,160 --> 00:04:47,880
let's just not criticize my paying money each month for a shower I think that's you know

00:04:52,120 --> 00:04:57,560
like people criticize everything or come up with alternative suggestions for everything like

00:04:58,440 --> 00:05:06,200
for the simple fact that I'm homeless I can't think I can't do it's best for me I could save a few

00:05:06,200 --> 00:05:14,360
dollars here so naturally this other course of action is better so I'll save a few dollars like

00:05:14,360 --> 00:05:21,320
that's the depth of people's thoughts about homelessness and it's not true it's a system that

00:05:21,320 --> 00:05:29,560
needs to all go together what are the logistics to get to the creek versus the gym it takes an extra

00:05:29,560 --> 00:05:35,800
hour round trip to get to the creek hmm maybe there is some value to having a gym membership

00:05:39,480 --> 00:05:44,440
because then if it's like I'm spending all this extra time to avoid spending a few dollars

00:05:44,440 --> 00:05:50,920
well why aren't you applying to more jobs per day because I don't have as much time well maybe

00:05:50,920 --> 00:05:56,200
if you'd shave a few hours here well I could shave a few hours by getting a gym membership instead

00:05:56,200 --> 00:06:03,960
of bathing in the creek you know what I'm saying so and meanwhile all of this is taking time and

00:06:03,960 --> 00:06:10,840
energy it's like an energetic state of having to defend myself to rationalize things that

00:06:10,840 --> 00:06:20,760
no normal person has to rationalize you know so the next related level would be oh you've got

00:06:20,760 --> 00:06:25,480
this YouTube channel that's pop and off in your comments are closed and people are emailing you

00:06:25,480 --> 00:06:33,320
and you're not responding to them well okay I can tell that might be a little bit of jealousy you

00:06:33,320 --> 00:06:39,960
just want to criticize okay okay but what's the actual problem well you could be

00:06:41,000 --> 00:06:47,720
growing your channel building relationships this yes I could but what else do I need to actually do that

00:06:51,400 --> 00:06:55,080
well maybe if you cultivate these relationships people would have which you need

00:06:55,080 --> 00:07:05,240
offer it it's catch 22 and it's a long string of ground hogs day like you get to the point where you

00:07:05,240 --> 00:07:14,280
stop wanting people's inputs and then you get accused of not wanting feedback or something like that

00:07:15,160 --> 00:07:21,800
so yeah I got to the library like an hour early and now it's about to open and so that's why there's

00:07:23,000 --> 00:07:32,040
all this new traffic behind me because the libraries about to open and yeah I mean I don't you know

00:07:32,040 --> 00:07:38,040
I mentioned yesterday about not wanting homeless people to come within 25 feet of me like if it's an

00:07:38,040 --> 00:07:48,520
empty parking lot but if it's not then I don't care and if it's not homeless people I don't care

00:07:49,240 --> 00:07:57,640
also because anyway I'm getting off track so it's another logistics thing well why don't you

00:07:57,640 --> 00:08:05,720
just close your windows because I need air to breathe I don't want to get high on CO2 and pass out

00:08:06,440 --> 00:08:12,920
oh well that you know it's like dumb homeless person everything you say is wrong and can be

00:08:14,520 --> 00:08:19,960
you know if a smart person just tells you how to think then then you'll get off the street right away

00:08:27,400 --> 00:08:31,960
but I can only help you this once and if you don't follow the advice I can't keep helping you know

00:08:31,960 --> 00:08:43,960
kind of thing I just don't care so let's go to my Twitter just because I've been tweeting things

00:08:43,960 --> 00:08:49,720
rather than YouTube posting them let's see what I've been thinking about

00:08:50,040 --> 00:08:53,800
I'll go to the beginning of today

00:09:12,120 --> 00:09:13,720
see how this is basically what I made

00:09:19,720 --> 00:09:27,080
yeah just it is still weird for me to talk with people like right outside

00:09:31,640 --> 00:09:35,480
so yeah once a homeless person is working full time they're still walking around looking

00:09:35,480 --> 00:09:42,120
destitute for a couple months until the pay is regular and that time you think they aren't

00:09:42,760 --> 00:09:48,200
being bullied extra hard by everyone including their coworkers a job doesn't magically fix anything

00:09:48,840 --> 00:09:50,920
sets from last night like that's on the theme

00:09:54,200 --> 00:09:57,240
but what I'm talking about here I yeah it's like

00:10:00,920 --> 00:10:05,800
comments seem like an anti-feature to channels without a social media manager cost the time of the

00:10:05,800 --> 00:10:14,360
creator directly cutting into energy that could be used for creating you know all of this is a lack of

00:10:14,360 --> 00:10:20,440
energy the comments to be an investment not simply a cost of having a presence to be worthwhile

00:10:34,040 --> 00:10:40,040
business card idea I hear you talking about homeless people they got one side

00:10:40,680 --> 00:10:48,200
with info on the rear side back when I was a software developer basically printing my own money to play with

00:10:49,640 --> 00:10:54,360
I just did these little projects rather than tweet out the idea not take action right

00:10:56,600 --> 00:11:01,560
I'm homeless and so this is time to stand in the nature of the world you know basically not going black pill

00:11:03,960 --> 00:11:08,520
like yeah there's no reason I should not be black pill but I am basically white pill

00:11:11,000 --> 00:11:18,200
so here's how to build a social presence pick one topic pick one platform create content daily

00:11:18,200 --> 00:11:23,160
collaborate with peers create shareable content iterate based on feedback investing community

00:11:23,160 --> 00:11:28,840
management be consistent with your output study other creators in your niche do this for six months

00:11:29,880 --> 00:11:33,480
so obviously there's some of those I can't do without a cell phone

00:11:33,480 --> 00:11:44,040
so I'm like collaborate with peers iterate based on feedback investing community management

00:11:44,840 --> 00:11:50,520
these are what I like channel is popping off there's demand for community but I don't even have a

00:11:50,520 --> 00:11:56,760
cell phone or private place to work homeless I have ideas to implement when I have spare money

00:11:57,560 --> 00:12:02,600
people seem to assume that a social media presence implies a baseline level of wealth that includes

00:12:02,600 --> 00:12:09,000
having a home in cell phone I can't remind people in each post that I lack these things I can only

00:12:09,000 --> 00:12:12,600
accept that some percent of people will be frustrated by trying to reach out to me

00:12:14,840 --> 00:12:20,520
so like they reach out like hey man why don't you have comments enabled hey man why aren't you responding

00:12:20,520 --> 00:12:28,360
hey man you know this and that it's like well you found my video of a homeless guy talking

00:12:28,440 --> 00:12:34,440
about being homeless right so you understand that like homeless people don't necessarily have

00:12:34,440 --> 00:12:40,360
all these things like for most people doing those things might just be a walk in the park with

00:12:40,360 --> 00:12:44,840
their phone you know you see people walking around in the park looking down at their phone

00:12:45,640 --> 00:12:51,560
I don't have a phone to walk around in the park with I have to go to a Starbucks or go to a library

00:12:51,560 --> 00:12:57,000
to use the internet oh well then just get one man okay then I'll just not eat for a while how

00:12:57,000 --> 00:13:03,000
but you know I'm finding comfortable with that but to me I'd rather just eat than have a cell phone

00:13:03,000 --> 00:13:08,040
well that's why I'm stuck homeless blah blah I get it everyone smarter than the homeless guy

00:13:09,720 --> 00:13:16,120
everyone has better decision-making and problem-solving skills than the homeless guy I get it

00:13:16,280 --> 00:13:23,560
so let's see then I'm like

00:13:31,960 --> 00:13:37,720
unrelated and then if you think being a vegan is socially challenging try not having a cell phone

00:13:37,720 --> 00:13:43,480
post 2020 and being homeless and unemployed nothing is too hard for a guy who's accustomed to

00:13:43,560 --> 00:13:50,760
narcissistic abuse in every situation though so I mean that's me I've been homeless and unemployed

00:13:50,760 --> 00:13:58,680
and I can get jobs without a cell phone what's the problem feels like I'm squandering the opportunity

00:13:58,680 --> 00:14:02,760
that comes from my YouTube channel popping off but I can't afford to do anything more than I'm

00:14:02,760 --> 00:14:08,120
doing I'm homeless getting attention for making videos about being homeless some people are very

00:14:08,200 --> 00:14:20,200
generous helps but can't to five physics so then just an older pin post from last month

00:14:20,200 --> 00:14:26,680
stuff the homeless do besides smoke meth spent a few hours customizing PHPb videos now on bed

00:14:27,320 --> 00:14:42,680
yada yada so then yeah I think I mentioned but I got out to I hacked out into the woods

00:14:42,680 --> 00:14:47,160
with my laptop and a jackfruit actually got some coding done the gas is cheap within a star

00:14:47,160 --> 00:14:52,280
box and if I actually get a couple hours of focus then the travel time is justified got

00:14:52,280 --> 00:14:58,120
iterate on that system might end up all right so I think the conclusion of that without having

00:14:58,120 --> 00:15:04,440
watched it because man I just can't bother to watch I was trying to get inside like not spent

00:15:04,440 --> 00:15:09,240
12 whatever minutes watching the video to review it but I think the just of what I was saying

00:15:10,120 --> 00:15:17,880
and what I was thinking about this morning is so I've posted a lot of these ideas like homeless RPG

00:15:18,520 --> 00:15:26,040
homeless dashboard the homeless data project where I collect my receipts I've talked privately

00:15:26,040 --> 00:15:33,240
with people like I've done expert systems rules kind of before AI which is like machine learning that

00:15:33,240 --> 00:15:41,400
can talk um expert systems are some specific advantages to using that over machine learning

00:15:41,480 --> 00:15:50,360
classical reasoning versus machine learning stochastic or whatever processes reasoning

00:15:51,160 --> 00:15:58,040
where it's traceability of decision-making and the two types of systems can be put together but

00:15:58,040 --> 00:16:03,080
anyway I was thinking about having a dashboard that looks at my recent activity

00:16:03,640 --> 00:16:13,640
receipts social media posts wait you know just all kinds of metrics that change with time

00:16:13,640 --> 00:16:20,120
and saying like okay you've got this much money um you know probably break down I'm as close

00:16:20,120 --> 00:16:27,080
hierarchy this is how I'm breaking down the physics of homelessness which is my four volume work

00:16:27,160 --> 00:16:34,120
urban camping pro biological the business of homelessness security and then two more

00:16:34,120 --> 00:16:39,880
that I haven't started working on yet which are the love and esteem layers of the Mazlos hierarchy

00:16:39,880 --> 00:16:46,760
of needs so that's all the physics of homelessness and so on that last tweet that I was reading you know

00:16:46,760 --> 00:16:53,560
the generosity helps but I can't defy physics the physics of homelessness and that's kind of what

00:16:53,640 --> 00:17:05,560
all this is is you know oh my god just I just got another energy sock just someone

00:17:05,560 --> 00:17:10,440
someone lingering in the window looking at me yes I will come inside what I'm done recording I can't

00:17:10,440 --> 00:17:18,760
record inside so you know just like during this it's like the energy you know the death by a thousand

00:17:18,840 --> 00:17:24,200
paper cuts on that was one of the tweets I was looking for is there's death by a thousand paper

00:17:24,200 --> 00:17:31,880
cuts there must be like life by a thousand drops of water or something like that I that's not a

00:17:31,880 --> 00:17:40,200
real saying what just making that up to be the contrast so it's like your your thousand times a day

00:17:40,200 --> 00:17:49,880
little energy drains or supplies are what are going to make or break your homelessness like

00:17:49,880 --> 00:17:54,920
I've been homeless I've been homeless for six years and that's not even chronic I thought it

00:17:54,920 --> 00:18:02,920
would last like a week but even with the best of best habits not being a junkie you know being

00:18:02,920 --> 00:18:09,960
growth-minded willing to try new things not afraid of failure able to pick myself up quickly and move

00:18:09,960 --> 00:18:16,680
on even with all of this going for me I've been homeless for this long so imagine someone who wasn't

00:18:16,680 --> 00:18:25,240
quite as tip-top of shit and it's not just it's not just me thinking I'm more capable than I am like

00:18:25,240 --> 00:18:30,760
it's proven I'm very capable all but there's been time that's gone by you might have just fried your

00:18:30,760 --> 00:18:37,000
brain doing something that you won't talk about since then well accountability is expensive people

00:18:37,080 --> 00:18:44,040
say take accountability I'm trying to force accountability of myself through something like a dashboard

00:18:44,040 --> 00:18:49,960
with a you know charts that go over time where people can see everything I've purchased like

00:18:49,960 --> 00:18:55,480
people can see but they so won't care is the thing if I've learned one thing and all of this it's

00:18:55,480 --> 00:19:01,960
that people don't care about the truth or rational arguments they want to validate what they feel

00:19:01,960 --> 00:19:08,840
and ignore otherwise not all people but narcissistic type people and you know if there's plenty of

00:19:08,840 --> 00:19:14,280
content on YouTube saying that narcissism is getting more prevalent for this in that reason

00:19:18,520 --> 00:19:22,920
but we don't need to take over the conclusion of the video with that it's more

00:19:23,480 --> 00:19:28,360
informational I mean I'm building all these apps and stuff for myself I'm tracking all these metrics for

00:19:28,600 --> 00:19:35,880
myself and yeah I mean it takes resources to actually realize something like homeless dashboard etc but

00:19:37,320 --> 00:19:43,960
hopefully with time we can get towards that direction so this has been a different format thanks for

00:19:43,960 --> 00:19:49,320
joining looking forward to seeing you next time bye


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