Homeless Guy on Women in Male Dominated Spaces. Gym Crow, male feminists and knives. Caste behavior.

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Homeless Guy on Women in Male Dominated Spaces. Gym Crow, male feminists and knives. Caste behavior.

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Where do the weak men work if there is no space without women testing and devaluing them. Doing what their programming has them do, only love, but it leave no place for weak men. Men are more capable of understanding that weakness is temporary and building up new brothers, while that is simply not in women's programming, which is fine. But with the acceptance of women in all male spaces, these weak men like me will have no place to be built up.

Hopefully we still have a channel after this video, but if not you know where to find me.




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Yo and welcome to the Ice Boog Daily Channel. This is an experimental tech and media brand.

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We're doing 20 minute videos. Most days usually on the topic of the homeless guy,

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rages or explains or this or that sort of thing.

00:00:17,440 --> 00:00:23,600
Used to be a software engineer. I'm now homeless and trying to build products.

00:00:23,600 --> 00:00:28,000
Well, do I do not, there is no try. I'm building products and they're all failing so far.

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And this is probably the most effort I've put into marketing or building an audience or anything

00:00:37,680 --> 00:00:43,840
like that. It's just not what I do. I build tools for people who like to do this kind of thing.

00:00:43,840 --> 00:00:47,600
I guess I like to do this kind of thing when I was a teenager and it was powerful.

00:00:49,120 --> 00:00:56,160
And here we are as an adult and it's still powering me. I'm just like not trying to be a YouTuber

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as a living. I'm trying to YouTube to help me make a better living if that makes sense.

00:01:05,520 --> 00:01:12,640
So what am I doing for money for the most part? I like to just fund my own projects.

00:01:14,640 --> 00:01:16,880
I'm accountable to God and

00:01:17,760 --> 00:01:27,120
being accountable to people is often problematic, which is the theme of something that I'm thinking

00:01:27,120 --> 00:01:36,080
about talking about today, which is women in the workplaces, namely male dominated workplaces.

00:01:36,080 --> 00:01:42,320
Now, I've given up on retail because it's just out of the gate female dominated. In a way,

00:01:42,400 --> 00:01:47,920
I've given up on software engineering because it's feminine, male, and female dominated.

00:01:50,640 --> 00:01:56,000
That whole field would have you think that men and women are the same and gosh, I don't

00:01:57,280 --> 00:02:06,320
I can't speak for everyone but big tech especially. I don't even want to argue with those people.

00:02:06,400 --> 00:02:14,640
It's not, well, because I got rich people are always going to win in arguments. So no matter what

00:02:14,640 --> 00:02:17,280
I argue, I lose here. It doesn't mean

00:02:20,240 --> 00:02:26,800
because I can't argue I win or because I can't argue I lose. It's just a waste of energy because I can't

00:02:26,800 --> 00:02:38,800
argue and I don't think they, it's a case tissue. Picture a higher case, arguing with the

00:02:38,800 --> 00:02:44,320
lower case, remember who wins. I was the higher case, remember why because they have more power.

00:02:44,320 --> 00:02:50,160
Now, the lower case member can kill the upper case member but they'll be punished to the fullest extent

00:02:50,160 --> 00:02:57,280
to the law, naturally. So yeah, that's not really an option for me to just kill higher case members.

00:02:59,760 --> 00:03:13,920
So I've chosen to work back of house. The male, the masculine dominated, the theaters of masculine

00:03:14,800 --> 00:03:21,280
performance. We're working hard is the main thing that matters. Now, once you get a woman in the

00:03:21,280 --> 00:03:28,480
work space, the whole dynamic changes, because most men are not aware of female nature. They have

00:03:28,480 --> 00:03:36,560
a girlfriend or serial series of girlfriends. You know, they know enough to get by. They don't need to

00:03:36,560 --> 00:03:42,640
know more. It's sort of like the middle class person knows enough about wealth. To keep it but not

00:03:42,720 --> 00:03:52,880
enough to expand it to generational wealth like we talked about yesterday. But poor people can become

00:03:52,880 --> 00:04:00,240
extremely financially literate and people born into a wealthy family might be financially very

00:04:00,240 --> 00:04:07,520
literate just through on a smoothest or deliberate teaching from their parents. So yeah, I'm a poor

00:04:07,600 --> 00:04:13,200
guy from a low case. I climbed high. I got to see the true nature of things. I did not become

00:04:13,200 --> 00:04:19,520
black pill in the process quite contrary. I'm way too white pill for a homeless guy who is

00:04:20,320 --> 00:04:28,880
endured so much. I mean, again, a case issue. People will say that that's not the case or whatever

00:04:29,840 --> 00:04:36,480
from higher case. We'll say that. And for my case, their lower might be envious jealous,

00:04:36,480 --> 00:04:42,800
whatever, blah, blah, blah, blah. Man, this video is not good. What else do I have to talk about?

00:04:42,800 --> 00:04:52,960
It's so like something that felt like a valid confirmation of this thinking. So so much of it happens

00:04:53,040 --> 00:04:58,480
internal and like this internal language that needed to have to serialize it to English and

00:04:58,480 --> 00:05:03,600
give it context and all this stuff. So I's leaving the gym after I took a shower and this

00:05:03,600 --> 00:05:09,680
fat girl is walking in with her phone like this. So it's like is she looking at the phone or is she

00:05:09,680 --> 00:05:14,960
trying to film people staring at this fat? You know how it is though the fat girls were the

00:05:14,960 --> 00:05:20,640
tight stuff to the gym and they're the ones who are like, oh guys are staring at me. All these

00:05:21,200 --> 00:05:26,160
because they're like trying to convince themselves more than anyone else. You know they're trying to convince

00:05:26,160 --> 00:05:31,760
other people with proof. Oh look at this guy staring at you know he's just you're watering down,

00:05:31,760 --> 00:05:37,760
taking up the whole thing and he's trying to not be watered over. Yeah he's gonna look at what's

00:05:37,760 --> 00:05:46,080
I literally don't even like, I like creepy look away from any kind of girl who's got some kind of

00:05:46,080 --> 00:05:50,480
phone phone action like this because I'm like she's probably filming and she's trying to get

00:05:50,480 --> 00:05:59,120
some free-per-footage. You know that whole like gym crow thing, GYM crow, girl nasty girls and gym

00:05:59,120 --> 00:06:07,760
trying to just trying to fake guys staring at them. I mean I just the gym it's another one of those

00:06:07,760 --> 00:06:14,640
places it's a male dominated space but you get you get the women in there. They're overly masculine

00:06:14,720 --> 00:06:21,200
they're not usually that attractive so they've overcompensated. They're not that skilled but they

00:06:21,200 --> 00:06:35,040
get the pass you know they get to play all the cards that women get to play with God. See I was

00:06:35,040 --> 00:06:40,320
thinking on the way here like how do I even float this by normies you know middle class guys

00:06:40,640 --> 00:06:49,440
but so I mean just walking out of the gym sort of confirmed this topic to me but I know it's

00:06:49,440 --> 00:06:55,920
just not something that most people will apologize it's the kind of thing that will get me kicked

00:06:55,920 --> 00:07:07,520
off the internet really because who runs the internet big tech guys these you know where we're

00:07:07,520 --> 00:07:13,600
post there's all these dog whistles that they talk about right I'm given off all these dog whistles

00:07:13,600 --> 00:07:21,840
that I don't even know hard dog whistles but like every reddit every hobby has a reddit with a

00:07:21,840 --> 00:07:28,640
natural progression you know like there's like a body of knowledge for every hobby a body of knowledge

00:07:28,640 --> 00:07:34,720
for every topic on some subreddit and if you just are like doing the hobby on your own and you stumble

00:07:34,880 --> 00:07:42,480
on this right at you're going to be like weird it out by all of this you know these experts in your

00:07:42,480 --> 00:07:56,880
hobby whatever I'd be like an expert in dating like and it's all it's narcissistic I'm not saying

00:07:57,040 --> 00:08:04,400
these people are narcissists but it's a privileged class who is elevated by thirsty men

00:08:05,680 --> 00:08:13,840
by the rules you know there's all the it's death by a thousand paper cuts in a way like

00:08:14,800 --> 00:08:21,600
if she wants to kick you out of the space she has ample ways to do it either through other people

00:08:22,400 --> 00:08:28,160
through complaining like you know be a true or false you know this stereotype of women getting

00:08:28,160 --> 00:08:34,560
out of traffic tickets by turning on the tears you think that doesn't work with bosses so

00:08:38,400 --> 00:08:44,880
yeah I'm all over the place with this one just like so yeah I mean

00:08:45,520 --> 00:08:53,520
I don't want to turn it into a gossip or drama channel about oh today at work this happened today

00:08:53,520 --> 00:09:00,160
at the gym that happened blah blah blah it's just these relevant examples come up and they they fuel

00:09:01,280 --> 00:09:06,400
you know I don't even often know what I'm gonna talk about I might have some ideas but they fuel these

00:09:06,480 --> 00:09:14,160
talks where I just tried to like where I just connect ideas together and just go for 20 minutes

00:09:14,160 --> 00:09:18,400
and that's the format if you don't like you don't have to watch it maybe the next one will be

00:09:18,400 --> 00:09:30,160
more interesting etc so like I was thinking you know so okay I'm not working as a software engineer

00:09:30,160 --> 00:09:37,120
I'm working as a dishwasher I love the dish pit I don't even necessarily want to progress

00:09:37,120 --> 00:09:42,080
into like prepping food or anything I just like being in the dish pit because I'm left alone people

00:09:42,080 --> 00:09:47,920
usually just throw stuff on to me you know and I just deal with it if something's hot they say hot you

00:09:47,920 --> 00:09:52,560
know but then we get the woman in the workplace and I don't want to make this about

00:09:53,040 --> 00:10:02,240
because there's one woman in a my male dominated workplace so and I live in a small town I'm using

00:10:02,240 --> 00:10:09,840
my real name it's very likely that people will find this and like I mean I'm gonna get fired or

00:10:09,840 --> 00:10:16,240
quit this job because of this girl anyway because it's like I just I don't want to make it into

00:10:17,200 --> 00:10:24,480
a drama thing it's just like what do I do write it down and talk about it someday in the future

00:10:24,480 --> 00:10:30,080
after I forgot all the context and the relevant stuff the indicators that it's the topic

00:10:30,080 --> 00:10:39,680
that I'm gonna talk about or do I just go for it I mean you know I'm like no we'll just say that

00:10:47,120 --> 00:10:56,320
like I just don't want it to be that but I at the same time I need to express it and it doesn't

00:10:56,320 --> 00:11:04,400
do me good to just write it down and for myself and not do anything with it right but it's like

00:11:04,400 --> 00:11:11,120
with narcissistic abuse narcissistic attacks you know and this doesn't mean I'm not saying that

00:11:11,200 --> 00:11:18,080
the person is a narcissist it's just privilege classes of people like case or

00:11:18,880 --> 00:11:26,480
minorities or women or whatever when they talk to somebody who looks like me then there's inherent

00:11:27,600 --> 00:11:37,040
case to difference there's inherent class difference and there are outcomes that I always happen

00:11:37,040 --> 00:11:43,680
as a result of that there's narcissistic treatment in one direction because of that because I

00:11:43,680 --> 00:12:01,760
can't fight back even if I wanted to and you know where to even said I wanted just again it's

00:12:02,400 --> 00:12:08,160
my two-week notice should have already been turned turned in to begin with because I realize there's

00:12:08,160 --> 00:12:15,040
this is going to be a terminal situation at work like nothing in particular no patterns of behavior

00:12:15,040 --> 00:12:24,800
no bad blood nothing it's just I know that with enough narcissistic abuse I'm going to leave

00:12:25,760 --> 00:12:32,720
like the patterns are going to adapt every reaction I give gives more information about how

00:12:32,720 --> 00:12:40,160
do better abuse me and it's like broad strokes to find detail as the abuse hones in on the fine

00:12:40,160 --> 00:12:47,440
details it's going to be deeper cuts with sharper knives right like I'm getting scratched with

00:12:47,440 --> 00:12:53,120
butter knives to begin with just to find out where my sore spots are and then the sharper knives

00:12:53,120 --> 00:12:59,280
come to the spots that seem to really bug me and then the really sharp knives come to the spots that

00:12:59,280 --> 00:13:07,360
really seemed to bug me right so I was thinking in my solitary job where people don't bother me

00:13:07,360 --> 00:13:13,680
except narcissistic people where do you want me to do this what what rule do you want other dish

00:13:13,680 --> 00:13:20,000
washer do do do judge judge do what the other people are doing please I have no preferences I

00:13:20,080 --> 00:13:26,320
don't want to say it's I was in front of the boss too so if I react in any kind of annoyed way it's

00:13:26,320 --> 00:13:35,680
visible deliberate absolutely narcissistic it's 100% ignore until the boss is around and then

00:13:35,680 --> 00:13:40,960
bring out a knife and I'm sure you guys can relate if you've been through narcissistic abuse at work like

00:13:41,840 --> 00:13:47,840
it will be a terminal situation either I'll leave because I'm tired of it or I'll just

00:13:48,640 --> 00:13:56,560
look too bad in front of the boss and I'll have to leave like the boss just will not want you know what I'm

00:13:56,560 --> 00:14:06,960
saying and it's because it is these attack and you know what can I say I'm not even being specific it's

00:14:06,960 --> 00:14:12,800
just that's how it works the knives come out and they get sharper and more focused and you get more of an

00:14:12,800 --> 00:14:20,640
audience the attacks get more efficient right my boss is watching this like what can I say that's what's

00:14:20,640 --> 00:14:26,800
happening that's that's going to be the end of me in this workplace like will it last six months will it last

00:14:26,800 --> 00:14:36,720
three months you know I'm not accusing anyone of being an narcissist but I'm saying there are

00:14:36,720 --> 00:14:42,160
inherent differences between me and other people in the workplace there's one other word

00:14:42,160 --> 00:14:54,240
person in this workplace who just wants you know so anyway then the personal questions you know

00:14:55,520 --> 00:15:01,200
these are also attacks it's like trying to get little rules trying to get reactions

00:15:02,560 --> 00:15:07,840
asking super personal questions I'm just like what does that have to do with food again

00:15:08,800 --> 00:15:15,920
and then it's of course in front of the boss so it becomes oh I'm so now everything personal is

00:15:15,920 --> 00:15:23,360
often is it's a new it's like one response turns into a general rule like what's this have to do

00:15:23,360 --> 00:15:28,960
a food again means now Harland doesn't talk about anything personal it turns it's double edge it's

00:15:28,960 --> 00:15:35,280
a way to isolate it's a way to isolate because straight up what's happening she wants me

00:15:37,600 --> 00:15:47,440
that'll never be admitted to but that's exactly what's happening is I'm being tested and devalued

00:15:47,440 --> 00:15:58,080
and it's it's not gonna happen straight up I've absolutely no interest zero negative interest

00:15:58,160 --> 00:16:08,720
but that's a problem when a woman wants you and you don't want her that's a huge huge problem

00:16:10,080 --> 00:16:22,080
and I mean straight up why would a woman want me so many cans of worms I'm just how do we

00:16:22,080 --> 00:16:32,880
convey this to Normie so I'm I was just thinking like the role of women in a hunter gather or

00:16:32,880 --> 00:16:44,400
village would be to I mean what's her programming doing it's crushing or eliminating weak man

00:16:45,520 --> 00:16:51,360
and yeah blood is in the water I'm extremely weak I admit that if I were not weak I'd go works

00:16:51,360 --> 00:16:56,720
after engineering but I am so I just want to work in environments with men who aren't sitting

00:16:56,720 --> 00:17:03,120
there asking personal questions trying to make rules trying to do sabotage trying to you know

00:17:03,120 --> 00:17:08,400
use these indirect power plays to step on my body and get ahead you know what I mean like

00:17:09,200 --> 00:17:17,760
it's all gonna be subtle power plays with this narcissistic person and there's nothing I can do

00:17:17,840 --> 00:17:22,560
about it I can't fight back I don't have the energy to fight back

00:17:25,440 --> 00:17:32,080
and so it's just gonna be another job like I'm staying away from female dominated environments

00:17:32,080 --> 00:17:37,600
but even male dominated environments with one masculine female it's just gonna be

00:17:37,920 --> 00:17:49,440
you know masculine women who are also insecure want weak man like me so straight up

00:17:53,360 --> 00:17:59,760
that's insulting to me and I shouldn't even be admitting that but I know I'm a weak man right now

00:18:00,320 --> 00:18:08,160
there's nothing I can only only time and more paychecks will fix that and my

00:18:09,600 --> 00:18:17,440
my aptitude is not to do conflict with people to begin with my dad is an extremely weak

00:18:17,440 --> 00:18:25,040
pathetic man I was thinking I shouldn't have even been born but my dad weaseled his way in with my

00:18:25,040 --> 00:18:34,720
mom who was insecure and weak and head of I don't know how weak my grandpa was like he definitely

00:18:34,720 --> 00:18:41,680
had a put his foot down side that I never saw but I know a couple things about the family that

00:18:41,680 --> 00:18:52,160
I'll say like he'll leave I don't want to just give too many details but anyway I was born to

00:18:52,240 --> 00:18:58,480
extremely weak degenerate parents who it's just that you know the boomers they had it extremely

00:18:58,480 --> 00:19:05,760
easy so lots of boomers that shunt of reproduce did and I'm the result so it's on me and my

00:19:05,760 --> 00:19:14,640
mentory fathery figures to get me through the world and yeah we're going on the 20 minute mark

00:19:15,520 --> 00:19:23,040
this one's been all over the place and I know I've probably said things that'll get me

00:19:23,040 --> 00:19:33,280
kicked out the internet blah blah blah definitely not yeah everyone what can I say in the next 30 seconds

00:19:34,960 --> 00:19:40,480
hopefully see you next time if I still have a channel thanks for joining take care


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