Homeless Guy is Rich, should act like it, gets convicted. Day schedules, abundance, tiny miracles.

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Homeless Guy is Rich, should act like it, gets convicted. Day schedules, abundance, tiny miracles.

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Pretty boring one, just reiterate that I know I should be checking my emails and feeling more grateful for what I do have. Had some things happen that showed me how easily things could go south. I'm hanging on be a thread. Focused too much on the next milestone, having my bills paid and money in my hand, rather than making the most of what I have each day.




00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:07,920
Yo and welcome to the Ice Boog Daily Channel. It is a Thursday and it's definitely

00:00:07,920 --> 00:00:15,720
earlier than usual. I'm at the park and I might actually do laundry today. I

00:00:15,720 --> 00:00:24,720
got it all packed up into a nice big bag. It's been probably four to six weeks

00:00:24,720 --> 00:00:31,560
since I did laundry last. I think I did it as I was running out of money

00:00:31,560 --> 00:00:40,440
before I got this job where I've been for, you know, two months. It's gonna say

00:00:40,440 --> 00:00:52,680
two paychecks about a month, a month and a half. Anyway, so yeah I got a little

00:00:52,680 --> 00:01:01,480
poke from the universe saying yo, you're not being grateful and you have a lot

00:01:01,480 --> 00:01:10,200
and it could be taken away very easily. You know, it's, I'm not gonna give

00:01:10,200 --> 00:01:16,600
details if I had, you know, close friends or whatever. This is the kind of thing

00:01:16,600 --> 00:01:23,720
I might talk to my close friends about, you know, in detail, but, you know,

00:01:23,720 --> 00:01:36,040
vaguely enough happened to show me just confirmation that yeah. I try to

00:01:36,040 --> 00:01:40,320
throw a little gratitude in when I talked about how beautiful the park is the

00:01:40,320 --> 00:01:53,080
other day like whenever I come to make dinner at the park. Like, see I just parked

00:01:53,080 --> 00:02:00,440
here. See, I got called out of work early. I don't know if I said that. I just

00:02:00,440 --> 00:02:06,440
because it was extremely slow and, you know, there's another guy who can run the

00:02:06,440 --> 00:02:12,000
dishwasher and everything and I think I have a lot more hours than him. So, you know, he

00:02:12,000 --> 00:02:22,160
got to stay. No hard feelings. The money is always helpful, but, you know, like I said,

00:02:22,160 --> 00:02:28,240
I've got, I think I have more hours than him. I've got almost full time hours, so that's super

00:02:28,240 --> 00:02:35,440
good. And, yeah, so some of the things that came up where I was showing that I'm not

00:02:35,440 --> 00:02:43,800
grateful enough, could cost money. And it's going to be money that I would have spent

00:02:43,800 --> 00:02:57,080
doing that anyway. Only maybe more. I wish, yeah, I could be more concrete if I wanted to,

00:02:57,080 --> 00:03:03,520
but I don't. So, yeah, we'll see how that goes. Maybe I'll talk about it when it's all done.

00:03:03,520 --> 00:03:11,880
Why don't I just do laundry right now instead of recording this video? I just feel like

00:03:11,880 --> 00:03:18,440
it's in meter recorded now. And also, it's way too hot out to vacuum. If I were to vacuum

00:03:18,440 --> 00:03:28,720
at the same time as I do laundry, which I usually do. So, we'll see, we'll see. I'm still

00:03:28,800 --> 00:03:34,160
at the point where it feels like doing laundry is going to break the bank. Like I said,

00:03:34,160 --> 00:03:41,000
probably my third paycheck will be where I can call myself not homeless anymore. So, it's

00:03:41,000 --> 00:03:48,760
still going to be a little while yet until the next paycheck. So, I'm still being pretty

00:03:48,760 --> 00:03:54,720
tight with the money. Even though I know that, you know, so I've got the three bills to

00:03:54,720 --> 00:04:02,560
pay that I mentioned, storage, gym, and car insurance that are kind of big. And one of

00:04:02,560 --> 00:04:06,960
these things could have been a big bill. Another one is I've been wanting to wash my car

00:04:06,960 --> 00:04:14,240
for a long time. And that's, you know, if I get the deluxe, whatever brushless wash, it's

00:04:14,240 --> 00:04:23,400
something like $9, $12. It's not a huge deal. And then, like this morning, I was thinking

00:04:23,400 --> 00:04:34,000
maybe I'd try to save money by not going to Starbucks. Cause I did let myself rest in. I woke

00:04:34,000 --> 00:04:40,640
up at the normal time, but I just rested in the spot until after the sun came up, which I

00:04:40,640 --> 00:04:46,120
shouldn't be getting too comfortable. That's not a good thing to do. So, I actually already

00:04:46,120 --> 00:04:56,520
have my alarm set for tomorrow. I'm going to get back into the, you know, just ridiculously

00:04:56,520 --> 00:05:04,920
early first customer at Starbucks level early. I've been going in closer to seven lately,

00:05:04,920 --> 00:05:18,360
which still gives me two hours before work. But I've been more so, like I wake up early,

00:05:18,360 --> 00:05:25,600
but I don't leave the camping spot until about sunrise when it starts warming things up.

00:05:25,600 --> 00:05:34,000
And I prefer to drive with sunlight anyway. But might make sense to just go back to the

00:05:34,000 --> 00:05:49,200
super early morning, maximize time at Starbucks in the morning routine. And see, I getting

00:05:49,200 --> 00:05:55,200
called out of work early was kind of, I was kind of hoping I would for an unrelated reason,

00:05:55,200 --> 00:06:02,960
one of the things that happened. But I think I could use the time to actually go and try

00:06:02,960 --> 00:06:09,280
to talk with the union people for my last job, face to face. I mean, I left that job in February.

00:06:09,280 --> 00:06:15,280
It feels like it's been a long time, but really it's only been two months, which is a long

00:06:15,280 --> 00:06:23,520
time, but, you know, it's kind of messed up the way that like nobody cared. I just left

00:06:23,520 --> 00:06:28,960
nobody from the union called me or anything. And so, I just want to straighten that out and

00:06:28,960 --> 00:06:38,160
see what they're going to say in reference checks or whatever. Because it was not fair, it was definitely

00:06:38,160 --> 00:06:54,160
a, like I don't want to say anything disparaging about the workplace, but I have a pretty strong feeling

00:06:54,160 --> 00:06:58,400
that what they say in a reference check is not going to match the reality and it's going to

00:06:58,400 --> 00:07:05,120
make me sound extremely bad, narcissistic, abuse kind of smear campaign, anything. I've long said

00:07:05,120 --> 00:07:14,320
that reference checks are official smear campaigns. So, yeah, how can I be more grateful?

00:07:14,560 --> 00:07:28,560
Like one thing I know, I'm doing that's wrong, is not responding to the emails, not checking

00:07:28,560 --> 00:07:36,000
the emails. Like, that's been sitting for weeks now, and I've just kind of like, you know,

00:07:36,000 --> 00:07:42,320
people have even, like, given bedmows, and I've just not, not transferred the money, not acknowledged,

00:07:42,480 --> 00:07:49,760
nothing like that. I'm just like, I feel like I'm on the home stretch, and I don't want to be,

00:07:51,040 --> 00:07:59,440
I don't want my mental peace, I've ended too much from whatever I might find in the emails.

00:07:59,440 --> 00:08:06,800
Because I know it's going to be like, this account is suspended. That account is suspended. This

00:08:06,880 --> 00:08:13,680
is past you. This is blood, you know, because, like, notices I get when I don't, when my storage

00:08:13,680 --> 00:08:28,640
auto pay fails or whatever. And I just still don't feel secure enough to try to build a new routine.

00:08:29,680 --> 00:08:33,840
What I'm really doing by not responding to emails is just straight up wasting time.

00:08:34,160 --> 00:08:44,880
Like, every day, it costs money to eat, it costs money to go to Starbucks and use the internet,

00:08:44,880 --> 00:08:56,880
it costs money for gas. So say that's 10 or 12 bucks per day. So every $25 of donations that I get,

00:08:57,520 --> 00:09:04,800
that's two days. So every two days that I spend, that's burning $25 of donations in a sense.

00:09:06,320 --> 00:09:12,320
Now, God provides, God will bring everything, you know, balance all the accounts.

00:09:13,680 --> 00:09:18,880
So I shouldn't be thinking that way, and that's like the way that I'm finding myself falling

00:09:18,880 --> 00:09:23,520
into scarcity. Like, I've got money to do the laundry. I'm not doing the laundry. Like,

00:09:24,400 --> 00:09:28,800
even if it means, you know, that money could go to food or whatever. Like,

00:09:30,320 --> 00:09:35,040
it's, it's not necessarily either or, like, what I was finding is when I did what I was supposed

00:09:35,040 --> 00:09:40,560
to do and spent the money I didn't want to spend, I'd go back online and I'd find donations in there.

00:09:40,560 --> 00:09:46,400
This was, you know, between jobs, basically, as I was waiting for my first paycheck.

00:09:46,480 --> 00:09:54,240
And now we got the noise of a car sitting nearby. Should I close the windows, guys? No.

00:09:54,800 --> 00:10:00,000
I don't think it's a homeless person, but in addition to just the noise, there's also the heat.

00:10:00,000 --> 00:10:06,000
You know, it's a hot day. I'm in a shady spot. Now, there's this car with the big engine

00:10:06,000 --> 00:10:12,720
idling. It's probably at least a V6, just idling there. So I'm, it's creating a little heat

00:10:12,720 --> 00:10:21,200
island around it. You know, and well, now they're leaving. So I guess they just pulled in for a second.

00:10:21,200 --> 00:10:33,200
But, you know, in, okay, so going back to, like, okay, what happens when I'm not homeless. Now,

00:10:33,200 --> 00:10:41,280
I'm going to have some enough money to do things that come up, like, you know, keep the gas tank

00:10:41,360 --> 00:10:47,600
full. So I don't have as much anxiety moving around. I did put another half tank in today, five gallons.

00:10:48,880 --> 00:10:56,560
So that's really nice. I think officially the cars 13 gallons, but it's like 10 gallons to empty or

00:10:56,560 --> 00:11:01,440
something. But anyway, I put in five gallons because I was running on empty again.

00:11:01,680 --> 00:11:20,000
Um, you know, like, I'm always thankful for the food, the water.

00:11:22,000 --> 00:11:25,360
But I quickly lose gratitude for

00:11:25,600 --> 00:11:32,400
employment. Now, is that right or wrong? Is the employment really my life path or not?

00:11:32,400 --> 00:11:36,960
I don't think so, but I feel really good just funding my own projects

00:11:38,640 --> 00:11:41,680
rather than taking money to do it for whatever reason.

00:11:42,480 --> 00:11:56,320
I guess I know my accountability to myself is on point. But as soon as I started having to explain,

00:11:56,320 --> 00:12:07,600
things to people, it starts turning into the circular dependency thing that I talked about with urban

00:12:07,680 --> 00:12:12,880
camping pro where I was giving the example of, oh, I don't you shower in the creek. Oh, you know,

00:12:12,880 --> 00:12:18,000
gym membership saves a few hours. Why don't you apply to more jobs? You need more time. Well,

00:12:18,000 --> 00:12:23,360
maybe paying money for a gym membership to shower in and save a few dollars.

00:12:25,360 --> 00:12:32,000
I spend a few dollars, save a few hours, which lets you do more constructive activity like

00:12:32,000 --> 00:12:36,160
applying for jobs is worth it. Like you're buying time with money.

00:12:43,520 --> 00:12:50,880
So yeah, it's like something weird that happened today. Was I went into the bathroom at the

00:12:50,880 --> 00:12:55,280
library? And there were three homeless people. Like there was one guy breathing real loud when I got

00:12:55,280 --> 00:13:01,200
there. And like half hour, 45 minutes later, I went back in. He was still in that stall doing the same

00:13:01,280 --> 00:13:07,280
breathing. The other stall was occupied. I couldn't quite tell. I tried to go in and someone

00:13:07,280 --> 00:13:16,400
like said something, which I couldn't understand. And then finally, there was some guy just standing

00:13:16,400 --> 00:13:24,080
there in the mirror. And like the whole time I went in, I locked past him. I went to the bathroom.

00:13:24,080 --> 00:13:27,280
I washed my hands. I was about to leave you. It's just like standing there in the mirror.

00:13:28,000 --> 00:13:33,360
The other day, there was a guy just standing there at the stall with the cigarette hanging out of his

00:13:33,360 --> 00:13:39,360
mouth. Like it's like these zombies just hanging three of them hanging out in the men's room.

00:13:39,360 --> 00:13:48,640
That has three toilets and two sinks. Like what? And then I'm noticing there's now like

00:13:48,640 --> 00:13:56,480
inflatable mattresses and stuff set up around the bathroom at the park. Just wild people just

00:13:57,600 --> 00:14:05,280
and when I was first starting my job to, I didn't have quite enough money to get to the showers.

00:14:05,280 --> 00:14:15,200
I went to a bathroom at a park in the middle of the city. And this is a park in the middle of the

00:14:15,200 --> 00:14:22,080
city too, but like another park like right in downtown. This is like a few blocks from downtown.

00:14:22,160 --> 00:14:28,320
Past a few blocks of residential. But anyway, I would in there and someone was literally in the stall

00:14:28,320 --> 00:14:34,160
smoking the whole time I was in there. So I was like, ridding myself, you know, I had my little

00:14:34,160 --> 00:14:40,080
part of kit with my towel and soap. So I got to soap my face at least, you know, in the public bathroom

00:14:40,080 --> 00:14:48,320
and use a towel to dry myself off. But you know, so I went into one of my first days of work

00:14:48,320 --> 00:14:52,560
smelling like cigarette smoke because someone was just smoking in the public bathroom.

00:14:53,840 --> 00:15:08,400
Like, come on. So gratitude. I mean, and one more thing to complain about. So yeah,

00:15:08,400 --> 00:15:12,720
now when I make dinner, the bugs are coming out and starting. They're not really biting me. They're

00:15:12,800 --> 00:15:21,760
just lingering and being annoying. So I'm justifying my not having gratitude by having to like be

00:15:21,760 --> 00:15:28,720
around all these like zombies and bugs and stuff these parasites. But, you know, it keeps me from getting

00:15:28,720 --> 00:15:30,720

00:15:42,880 --> 00:15:48,240
I got to figure out some day schedules that I can work with now.

00:15:49,840 --> 00:15:55,600
If I were to tint the car windows here and hang out here, I think it would be fine. We got the heat

00:15:55,600 --> 00:16:00,480
factor because we're straight in the sun. So it only worked for certain times a day.

00:16:02,240 --> 00:16:08,960
But yeah, like part of urban camping pro that I want to actually do is have things like a workbook.

00:16:09,920 --> 00:16:16,000
So you could like set up day schedules for yourself. Like, these are the places you can be at these

00:16:16,000 --> 00:16:22,000
times and it gives you these amenities. Like, right now, I think the solar is pulling like eight watts.

00:16:30,080 --> 00:16:35,040
It's actually pulling zero now because the sun is moved and I guess we've gotten into shade.

00:16:35,840 --> 00:16:40,480
But it is quite bright and hot. So if I were to pull the solar, you can see it's in the back window.

00:16:41,440 --> 00:16:45,680
Right there. If I were to pull it out of the back window, it actually put it on the roof.

00:16:46,560 --> 00:16:55,280
I think we'd be getting a few more watts. So my hair's not quite long enough to stay up there.

00:16:56,720 --> 00:17:02,960
Almost. But this is a sila used during the summer, but I can just shave off the sides. Keep it short.

00:17:05,360 --> 00:17:16,240
So yeah, we are at 17 minutes. That was a little bit smoother than, yeah,

00:17:17,360 --> 00:17:23,440
smoother than off. What have we talked about? I've just expressed that I know I need to have

00:17:23,440 --> 00:17:30,080
more gratitude. I know I need to check my emails. I'm doing things. Basically, I've been

00:17:30,160 --> 00:17:39,200
convicted personally by my creator. And I know that it's wrong and I need to

00:17:40,560 --> 00:17:46,480
just listen to my intuition more really. Like, thought that hard to just check the email.

00:17:53,360 --> 00:17:59,840
It is but it isn't. There's so much momentum against

00:17:59,840 --> 00:18:06,240
not against checking it now that actually doing it is going to be like, if I were to respond

00:18:06,240 --> 00:18:11,840
to when I'd be like, hey, sorry, it took like two weeks to respond to the email. But if there were

00:18:11,840 --> 00:18:17,840
people like offering, because I've been advertising myself for as a freelancer, like,

00:18:17,840 --> 00:18:23,680
there are people who wanted to work together. It could be like, hey, you sent me this email

00:18:23,680 --> 00:18:28,800
two or three weeks ago and I haven't been checking my emails because I'm ungrateful and stubborn.

00:18:29,840 --> 00:18:35,920
I feel entitled because I'm in a period of transition and I feel overwhelmed. Like, what do I

00:18:35,920 --> 00:18:45,040
actually say? You know, you don't want to talk like that, but just be vague and say I've been

00:18:45,040 --> 00:18:55,680
busy. That would be fine. Yeah, I'm not trying to give myself a pass by acknowledging it, but

00:18:56,640 --> 00:19:02,000
sort of like in a 12 step program or whatever, like, I acknowledge that I have a problem.

00:19:02,880 --> 00:19:08,320
I have a problem not checking my emails. Personally, I feel like it'll be temporary and it'll be

00:19:08,320 --> 00:19:14,720
alleviated when I'm no longer homeless, which I define homeless as not having certain choices.

00:19:15,920 --> 00:19:19,680
Like, when I can decide that I want to check into a motel,

00:19:20,400 --> 00:19:27,920
and I won't destroy my budget, then I'm not homeless. You know, or I degree less homeless or something.

00:19:29,120 --> 00:19:33,600
Anyway, going on the 20 minute mark, hopefully you got something out of this one,

00:19:33,600 --> 00:19:40,480
I do appreciate all the help that came in that period of deep need and I'm really looking forward

00:19:40,480 --> 00:19:47,040
to growing and appreciating what's been given and doing great things with this brand.

00:19:50,000 --> 00:19:55,200
And, you know, I want to work with creators more than be a creator, so if you are one,

00:19:55,200 --> 00:19:59,520
reach out and thanks, look forward to seeing you next time. Bye.


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