Homeless Guy RAGES against campers at library, wants same rules for everyone. (Narc Abuse, email) [2024-04-18]

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Homeless Guy RAGES against campers at library, wants same rules for everyone. (Narc Abuse, email) [2024-04-18]

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Went to the gym and came back to the library, and I was just stuck in this loop like happens with narc abuse, like rumination. The effect of campers is that I'm forced to engage with whoever the most dominant camper is, who has time to walk around and be friends with everyone but is still living on the street since before I moved to this town.

This is a serious problem. Loitering should not be a posted prohibition, instead camping should be. The library is one of the few spots where loitering is encouraged, so posting a sign saying it's not allowed has one purpose: latitude to kick people out... but then some people get to camp overnight?

Went into a tangent about being appalled by seeing homeless people on smart phones, against the change of tide that happened in our culture post-2020, where before people were offended when they saw homeless people with phones. Let's bring that back.




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Yo and welcome to the Ice Boog Daily Channel.

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This is an experimental tech and media brand and we're doing daily 20 minute videos.

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That's been working.

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It's been going on for about a month, but I'm starting to feel like I don't remember

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what all my topics are and I want to do more focused work.

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I need space to edit to do that and I need more resources.

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Now people started giving me a lot of donations and I stopped checking and I stopped

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checking emails for a reason I'm about to go into the computer froze about 10 minutes

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into this video so I'm going to do what I did the other day and just stitch it together

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after this.

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I was getting pretty close to having a conclusion.

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The library is now closed.

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We've got maybe another hour of daylight so I have to very quickly try to edit something

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and watch that video if I'm going to watch it and summarize at the end.

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But yeah, basically straight up libraries should not allow camping in the parking

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lot and they should not have a sign that says no loitering.

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Because loitering in the parking lot is probably appropriate if the Wi-Fi goes out there

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but camping needs to be the hard cut off because I loiter here quite a bit but I don't

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want residents as if the lot fills up too much more which new people are showing up and

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people are constantly coming through.

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I'm now at the edge of the parking lot because it's full and I'm not going to go deep

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in there but I'm now the one that everybody sees the neighbors.

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So if the neighbors band together and they're like we got to get this loitering, this

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homeless problem out of here, guess who counts in that group.

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Even if I had an apartment I might still come and use the library the same way because

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I can't record inside.

00:02:20,800 --> 00:02:25,040
Once I get, if I don't have internet at home I've got to come use the library in the

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same way.

00:02:26,040 --> 00:02:31,360
I've got to use Starbucks in the same way and I'm not alone.

00:02:31,360 --> 00:02:36,640
I'm starting to be appalled by homeless people with cell phones like pre 2020 people

00:02:36,640 --> 00:02:43,240
saw homeless people with cell phones were offended and post 2020 people got it.

00:02:43,240 --> 00:02:50,720
My survival guide urban camping pro broke luxuries out as a separate portion in response

00:02:50,880 --> 00:02:58,080
to pandemic luxuries including you can do a totally primitive basics that's whole

00:02:58,080 --> 00:03:05,280
first section of the book but pandemic and need for power and IT changed like there's

00:03:05,280 --> 00:03:12,720
formative in my work and so people now accept seeing homeless people with smartphones but

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I on the other hand don't have a smartphone at all.

00:03:15,800 --> 00:03:21,240
I'm starting to become appalled by seeing homeless people with smart phones who otherwise

00:03:21,240 --> 00:03:36,480
busted up like it's it's not earned there's no free lunch and what more could I be doing

00:03:36,480 --> 00:03:37,960
if I had a cell phone?

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Well if I was given a free cell phone I wouldn't be appreciating it I just be watching

00:03:41,760 --> 00:03:48,600
YouTube videos like these people seem to be doing you know who like who knows what productive

00:03:48,600 --> 00:03:54,000
uses they use them for right I can't really judge but I'm willing to bet pretty much

00:03:54,000 --> 00:04:02,800
everything that if you have a cell phone and our busted out broken homeless you're not

00:04:02,800 --> 00:04:12,000
making too much wi-fi money like you're not yeah who knows maybe maybe their sales

00:04:12,000 --> 00:04:19,040
people or something yo and welcome back to the IceBoog Daily Channel this is an experimental

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tech and media brand we're doing daily 20 minute videos and this is number two for the

00:04:25,520 --> 00:04:32,720
day I wanted to do another one just because I'm realizing I haven't you know when I stop

00:04:32,720 --> 00:04:44,160
checking emails I missed one video and it was because I was having a chat with this social

00:04:44,160 --> 00:04:52,720
butterfly who camps at the library I got loved on the guy who was pointing at me you know

00:04:53,280 --> 00:04:58,080
it's I don't want to have a character or a drama channel blah blah blah and I know that this

00:04:58,080 --> 00:05:04,800
is a small town this guy could watch the video etc but you guys are straight up waiting to

00:05:04,800 --> 00:05:14,800
sing real time narcissistic abuse and that's a huge claim someone goes to this guy and

00:05:14,800 --> 00:05:20,480
is like yo this guy's on YouTube saying you're a narcissist now what is this doing this is

00:05:20,560 --> 00:05:29,600
feeding this is exactly what they want they love that that would be and when does this guy

00:05:29,600 --> 00:05:36,640
start approaching me when I start making a bunch of videos in the parking lot hmm you're being

00:05:37,440 --> 00:05:44,640
not that he like of all people I don't know who's watching me I don't know who's watching closely

00:05:44,640 --> 00:05:52,160
I don't know what they want what do I have to gain by calling this guy a narcissist I just want

00:05:52,160 --> 00:05:58,720
the camping spot at the library no I want no camping allowed at the library that's really

00:05:59,840 --> 00:06:12,640
I almost feel like making a video to small town mayors about being extremely harsh on camping

00:06:12,720 --> 00:06:18,960
government property because this is actually affecting my ability to make money

00:06:22,960 --> 00:06:27,360
like I stopped reading my emails because I started feeling like I was going to be approached

00:06:27,360 --> 00:06:32,800
because I started kind I know people can't read my screen logically like even in Starbucks

00:06:33,200 --> 00:06:39,440
pretty close you can't see the screen like the viewing angle is not great you can't see great detail

00:06:39,520 --> 00:06:45,520
so it's not like you can be like lurking over there reading my emails or like using some

00:06:45,520 --> 00:06:52,480
camera lens to zoom in on my screen and read my emails I'm not scared of that it's just like

00:06:53,360 --> 00:07:01,760
seeing my facial expression it's you know and that's only like momentarily like if someone

00:07:01,840 --> 00:07:06,080
we're staring at me to where they can see my face I could see that

00:07:08,800 --> 00:07:21,360
you know like the windows are semi-tinted and shiny so it's like you can't clearly see in like

00:07:21,360 --> 00:07:26,640
you can sort of see the profile of so much but you can't see the facial expressions so like

00:07:26,720 --> 00:07:32,720
what am I afraid of why do I feel like it's not private you know is it

00:07:36,240 --> 00:07:42,640
it's like work cubicle level private I'm still in public people can't necessarily see my screen

00:07:47,120 --> 00:07:52,240
with privacy rules and stuff you have to take reasonable precautions like hovering stuff up

00:07:52,240 --> 00:07:59,680
if you leave your work area etc so it's like this could be a private enough space but still

00:08:02,640 --> 00:08:09,200
it's like I don't feel like I can come to the library and count on being left alone but even

00:08:09,200 --> 00:08:15,520
as someone interrupts you who cares in software engineering we say that there's like 15 minutes to

00:08:15,520 --> 00:08:20,320
get into flow state so someone interrupts you boom 15 minutes to get back into flow state

00:08:21,120 --> 00:08:27,920
that's like a working like everybody knows that in software engineering like that's how it is

00:08:28,880 --> 00:08:34,320
you interrupt someone it's going to take him 15 minutes to get back into the flow state do I

00:08:34,320 --> 00:08:40,800
need to be in flow state to read emails with the care that I want to give them yes I do

00:08:43,200 --> 00:08:48,960
so I can't count on coming to the library to get into flow state now that's my circumstance

00:08:49,040 --> 00:08:53,600
how many other people are not coming to the library now I've seen this guy get into fights with

00:08:53,600 --> 00:09:01,280
several people something I'm doing now is actually very common with reactive abuse you know

00:09:02,320 --> 00:09:10,400
people targeted by narcissistic abuse which is you just want nothing to do with them you cut them off

00:09:10,400 --> 00:09:17,680
but to outsiders all they see is like okay they were saying something positive about you now he was

00:09:17,680 --> 00:09:22,320
pointing at me talking to some people whatever when I was recording the video I walked into the

00:09:22,320 --> 00:09:28,400
library to do the upload and everything and again I don't want this to be like a gossip play by play

00:09:28,400 --> 00:09:35,600
but this is relevant because now other people are seeing me being a jerk just walking past not saying

00:09:35,600 --> 00:09:42,240
anything now do they know that like the more he acts like we're friends and then I just walk by

00:09:42,960 --> 00:09:47,520
the more of a jerk other people will think I am so what do I have to gain

00:09:48,400 --> 00:09:54,320
by accusing this guy of being in ours you know I'm I'm acting narcissistically whatever

00:09:57,680 --> 00:10:02,880
his camping spot I don't want anybody to camp at the library I want it to be I want to get rid of

00:10:02,880 --> 00:10:09,600
the no-loitering signs because clearly it's okay to loiter here but let's get let's put up no camping

00:10:09,600 --> 00:10:16,160
signs because camping needs to be the line we can't have people camping out here because you know why

00:10:16,160 --> 00:10:22,160
now more and more people are coming into this parking lot and I'm staying away away away I'm all the

00:10:22,160 --> 00:10:29,600
way up by the houses there's some some old woman I just looked over is peeking out and like

00:10:30,720 --> 00:10:37,600
I'm closer to the houses now and so people homeowners are now going to see me like not being at

00:10:37,680 --> 00:10:44,160
the back of the parking lot but creeping closer because it's full now they're going to want to

00:10:44,160 --> 00:10:50,560
crack down on what loitering no I want loitering to be allowed let's keep loitering but let's just

00:10:50,560 --> 00:10:56,080
cut off the campers but you know what let's not put me in the group of all these people who are

00:10:56,080 --> 00:11:02,480
camping here is a camper yeah I come here a couple times the day tops for a couple hours I might

00:11:02,480 --> 00:11:10,400
be here four or five hours a day I will never spend the night you know no matter what my card

00:11:10,400 --> 00:11:19,840
doesn't run whatever like I'm not parking at the library overnight and now so who is this guy why

00:11:21,920 --> 00:11:27,200
does you know I don't care I'm not asking the question I'm asking it rhetorically

00:11:27,200 --> 00:11:35,600
but you know he's he's got time to run around to be a social butterfly and make friends with

00:11:35,600 --> 00:11:45,440
everybody in this and that like does that sound like jealousy and envy as it does does it sound like

00:11:45,440 --> 00:11:51,440
I want to be king of this place yes it does but why does it seem like my goal is to like

00:11:52,160 --> 00:12:06,080
find a steady state or does it seem like my goal is to okay on some level yeah but does it seem like

00:12:06,080 --> 00:12:14,720
it's to find a steady state like finding places I can mooch like why am I talking about

00:12:14,720 --> 00:12:26,240
getting co-working space like I don't want to hang out in parking lots I'm fine sleeping in a

00:12:26,240 --> 00:12:34,240
vehicle on a public roadway you know a public plot you know not not a spot with the post did no

00:12:34,240 --> 00:12:40,080
later in sign you know and I'm saying parked on the side of a busy road yeah definitely

00:12:40,720 --> 00:12:49,840
in a parking lot that says no loitering no absolutely not so what what incentive do I have to

00:12:49,840 --> 00:12:57,360
oh my own ego like I want to be the hardworking homeless guy you know it's like I can picture

00:13:01,760 --> 00:13:07,600
so here's a common thing if you wonder if you're an narcissist or the narcissist

00:13:08,560 --> 00:13:15,600
you're probably not now am I putting on a show because I know of that and I have that awareness

00:13:18,000 --> 00:13:24,480
I mean everyone narcissism is a scale between narcissistic and empathetic

00:13:31,200 --> 00:13:36,160
and like with the case system people of a certain case have empathy within their case

00:13:36,160 --> 00:13:48,160
and above but not below so all right so after two crashed computers recording this we got about

00:13:48,160 --> 00:13:59,280
six minutes so yeah what incentive do I have to to call this guy in our assist to you know I'm

00:13:59,280 --> 00:14:10,240
I'm trying to make a point how critical this one resource is internet access to people who

00:14:10,240 --> 00:14:18,320
don't have a cell phone you know I'm a little surprised I went to the portion about

00:14:18,880 --> 00:14:25,120
homeless people having cell phones being appalling I have thought that for a while and a lot of

00:14:25,120 --> 00:14:32,560
these videos are just like I can watch them repeatedly myself and keep getting something from them

00:14:35,600 --> 00:14:48,000
but I'm all for and I agree with Chrome from fan city van life on this stay within the rules

00:14:48,960 --> 00:14:54,960
the library rules should not be no loitering because people do it it seems like

00:14:56,080 --> 00:15:01,040
one of the only places where it's reasonable for a person to sit in their car on Wi-Fi

00:15:04,720 --> 00:15:08,960
but to camp here absolutely not hard line um

00:15:09,600 --> 00:15:22,640
because it's affecting my ability you know like I mentioned the last I stop checking emails

00:15:24,560 --> 00:15:35,280
I missed the only video in this trend when this guy approached my car and then we talked I could

00:15:35,280 --> 00:15:41,520
of told him to stop go away whatever any time a normal person doesn't do that a normal person doesn't

00:15:41,520 --> 00:15:49,680
want to fight they don't want to send people away you know and then of course

00:15:51,120 --> 00:15:56,480
something that narcissists do is they see what you want and I'm obviously isolate and he was like

00:15:56,480 --> 00:16:05,200
asking questions about I just I felt so dirty after revealing this information and that's

00:16:05,200 --> 00:16:13,600
common like I've been documenting since like way before that I think this person's narcissistic

00:16:13,600 --> 00:16:19,040
because of like this really weird the first time they approached my car there was this weird

00:16:19,840 --> 00:16:27,440
like warm and then just like instant like like turned around and walked away and then after that

00:16:27,440 --> 00:16:33,520
for a long time he was being very cold to me and so what that does is sort of like make you want

00:16:33,600 --> 00:16:40,880
it makes you want the interaction like it makes you sort of like like fun in a way like why

00:16:40,880 --> 00:16:47,440
isn't this person like me and I knew consciously but then it was kind of a surprise when he approached me

00:16:47,440 --> 00:16:56,400
and then I'm like uh okay and then you know it it just like happened and I feel like such

00:16:56,880 --> 00:17:08,320
uh so gullible and I feel so foolish and it's the sort of shame where you want to hide it and

00:17:08,320 --> 00:17:15,360
covered up and don't tell anybody about it because it's just like you're so embarrassed that

00:17:15,360 --> 00:17:21,120
it happened to you but you know even professional psychologists can get taken by narcissistic people

00:17:21,200 --> 00:17:29,680
it's like the the frog boiling effect you know and like okay now I realize that I'm aware of it

00:17:31,600 --> 00:17:36,960
it's sort of like I talked about with the narcissistic person at work it's like what else is

00:17:36,960 --> 00:17:42,320
there to do besides putting into a week notice what the public library the only one in 10 miles

00:17:42,320 --> 00:17:47,440
the only one definitely in this town you know you got to travel to like the next town over to get

00:17:47,440 --> 00:17:52,080
to a library that's open I think just one day a week where this one's open like four I think it's

00:17:52,080 --> 00:18:01,680
like the same staff go to all the libraries in the area or something but it's extremely bad that

00:18:02,720 --> 00:18:08,640
people camp here and there's like the norm of like going up to people's cars and

00:18:11,280 --> 00:18:16,800
just deal with it right I mean it's so easy and simple to say that that's the reasonable thing to say

00:18:16,800 --> 00:18:24,880
and do but it's just I don't want to get into it with this person like I don't want to have a

00:18:24,880 --> 00:18:30,320
chat about our feelings and this happened that happened now I'm walking past without saying anything

00:18:30,320 --> 00:18:35,200
this guy did it to me for a long time too I'm not saying too wrongs make it right you know but I'm

00:18:35,200 --> 00:18:44,800
just saying I'm now in giving reactive abuse mode step back be polite it's not to yada yada but it's like

00:18:47,440 --> 00:18:59,200
look how much time I'm I'm spinning on this right it's just the the limited resources are

00:18:59,200 --> 00:19:08,320
always going to attract parasites and I feel so horrible saying like parasite narcissist like

00:19:08,320 --> 00:19:14,320
why can't we just be friends well maybe if you'd just stop being weird maybe if you just stop

00:19:14,400 --> 00:19:21,040
having all these theories you know what I'm saying no that's exactly how you feel in our

00:19:21,040 --> 00:19:31,920
cystic abuse like you might even believe you're the bad guy the bad guy but it's not all like that so

00:19:32,640 --> 00:19:38,240
anyway thanks for joining for this second video hopefully you got something out of it and I'm looking

00:19:38,240 --> 00:19:43,760
forward to see you next time thank you very much bye


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