Homeless Guy on student loan (debt) repayment, tight lips, accountability, social class changes [2024-04-19]

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Homeless Guy on student loan (debt) repayment, tight lips, accountability, social class changes [2024-04-19]

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Homeless Guy on student loan (debt) repayment, tight lips, accountability, social class changes [2024-04-19]


Thinking about when I'm not longer homeless, when do I resume payment on my student loans? I can feel the pearl clutchers now, trembling in the horror of not actively repaying. Anyway, I won't be able to be open about my finances when I'm not destitute any more until my debts are repaid. But there will be some overlap, like I should get housing before I worry about repayment... not everyone will agree with that, naturally... not looking to bring the issue to court, because I just don't have time even less than I don't have money.

Does the owner of the debt have a karmic duty to care about the well being of the account holders? Like I can't repay if I'm dead, so there might be a logical middle ground. In biblical slavery, there's some nuance... modern employment is basically biblical slavery, I did some streams on that topic to another channel, might still have them... not sure they'd be safe on YouTube, I did it to Twitch some years ago.

Thinking about budget and launching a business while in poverty, feels like the best route is to work to support myself and invest in the business. If we can get my income to 2x minimum wage jobs via Patreon/Venmo/etc. then I can quit and do this full time like a job.

Anyway, besides thinking about that, just a public service announcement: this channel is not and will never be monetized. I will plug my own work, probably never anyone else's... may be better at discernment now, but after losing friends of 10-15+ years en masse, I'm a little careful about letting someone in my circle. Thanks for watching and supporting.

Respectable channel I mentioned toward the end, self-supported: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZ7M_5pA7LQ




00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:06,520
you. Oh, and welcome to the iSpoog daily channel. This is an experimental

00:00:06,520 --> 00:00:10,600
tech and media brand. We're doing 20 minute daily videos. Usually on the

00:00:10,600 --> 00:00:20,520
topic, phoneless guy, this or that. Starting to feel like I want to, I don't

00:00:20,520 --> 00:00:24,600
know, it's feeling repetitive. I need some way to track what I've talked

00:00:24,600 --> 00:00:29,480
about and what I'm about in this and that. So it's not a regular YouTube

00:00:29,480 --> 00:00:35,200
channel with content strategy and selling something. This is one

00:00:35,200 --> 00:00:40,240
important public service announcement that I feel, you know, meta kind of

00:00:40,240 --> 00:00:44,720
announcement for the channel is this channel is not and will never be

00:00:44,720 --> 00:00:51,040
monetized. I'm not trying to make it as a YouTuber necessarily. I'm trying to use

00:00:51,040 --> 00:00:58,760
YouTube to figure out what I'm good at. Find my people, connect, build, etc.

00:00:58,760 --> 00:01:05,720
Like a social network. I've talked about a ton of different stuff I do. I build

00:01:05,720 --> 00:01:16,880
apps. I, you know, I don't want to put myself in any kind of box. For work, I'm

00:01:16,880 --> 00:01:25,880
a dishwasher. And I build apps. I build hardware like I've been in the game

00:01:25,880 --> 00:01:36,600
for a long time since I was a teenager more than half my life. And we've got the

00:01:36,600 --> 00:01:42,320
biggest food bill that I've spent in a long time, almost $30 on food. Can you

00:01:42,320 --> 00:01:53,000
believe that? $30. So this is about three days. So I splurge and got some

00:01:53,000 --> 00:02:00,200
chips. And then I got bagels and peanut butter. And then I got the usual three

00:02:00,200 --> 00:02:07,280
cans of everything I need to make my rice and beans in the park. And one can of

00:02:07,280 --> 00:02:17,200
cooking fuel lasts probably 20 or so meals of the rice and beans. And yeah, so

00:02:17,200 --> 00:02:27,200
there's like $27 for all that. I didn't get the fuel. Not that blah, blah, blah. Anyway,

00:02:27,200 --> 00:02:34,040
yeah. So the channel's not here to make money. What's it here for? Well, I'm a, you

00:02:34,040 --> 00:02:48,200
know, entrepreneurial curious technical and businessy minded person. You know, I just

00:02:48,200 --> 00:02:59,240
like to know what the platform's offer. Oh, maybe you can see behind me. I've got the

00:02:59,240 --> 00:03:04,880
solar out of the car. I've got two panels, actually, and two batteries. And I'm

00:03:04,880 --> 00:03:10,040
really surprised to find that my 30 watt foldable panel is delivering almost the

00:03:10,040 --> 00:03:14,760
same output as the 100 watt panel at the same angle and everything. Same position

00:03:14,760 --> 00:03:23,320
everything. So that is a good prospect for taking the stuff out to the woods. I've

00:03:23,320 --> 00:03:27,640
done some talks out in the woods and thought about getting the panel out there

00:03:27,640 --> 00:03:37,280
being unreasonable. But yeah, so I can easily bring that foldable panel. I just

00:03:37,280 --> 00:03:41,360
thought since it's like 30 watts, it would not deliver nearly the same output. But

00:03:41,360 --> 00:03:48,120
it's a different cell technology as well. So maybe it's a better technology. More

00:03:48,120 --> 00:03:56,840
efficient or whatever. So I got a raise in cinnamon baggle with peanut butter.

00:03:56,840 --> 00:04:03,480
Technically, I could toast it, but I just want to eat it. I'm good. So yeah, it's a

00:04:03,480 --> 00:04:12,680
non-profit channel. So yeah, something that I was going to mention is like, okay,

00:04:13,640 --> 00:04:18,360
so once a person isn't homeless anymore, like my version of homeless is not

00:04:18,360 --> 00:04:23,960
having a choice. And I feel like about the third paycheck at my job, might push

00:04:23,960 --> 00:04:30,040
me to not homeless, maybe the fourth and less like something crazy comes up.

00:04:30,040 --> 00:04:50,120
So let's do not homeless anymore. Like, if you have debts, like student loans,

00:04:50,120 --> 00:04:55,640
how much should a homeless person be paying towards this student loans every month?

00:04:55,640 --> 00:05:05,160
I think an agreeable amount would be zero dollars. And that's why I told the

00:05:05,160 --> 00:05:11,800
loan service in company two or three loan sales to go, right? Because loans can be sold

00:05:11,800 --> 00:05:21,640
to other companies. And yeah, I could have paid all my loans back, staff

00:05:21,640 --> 00:05:34,200
for engineering, paid good. Only like 40k total, state school, good on. Good financial aid,

00:05:34,200 --> 00:05:41,000
most of the time, that's 40k with on-campus housing for two of the years. So,

00:05:45,320 --> 00:05:50,840
not crazy. I got a degree in computer science for my state school after I knew I wanted to do it as a

00:05:50,840 --> 00:05:57,480
career. Zero risk, right? Like the best degree you can get. I was already in the field.

00:05:57,480 --> 00:06:09,800
I wanted to level up from developer to engineer and so I did. But anyway, so, one does it come

00:06:09,800 --> 00:06:16,760
time to pay to start paying it back. Before I'm housed, when I'm not food secure,

00:06:16,840 --> 00:06:29,240
probably not. Once I'm housed, how much savings? You know, I lose my job. I either

00:06:32,600 --> 00:06:38,680
or am forced to quit, which is the more likely case what usually happens. Just because I can't

00:06:38,680 --> 00:06:45,720
tolerate something anymore, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, my job now is very good. But minimum wage,

00:06:45,720 --> 00:06:55,640
pay. So, last, I was repaying like $600 a month. Should a homeless person pay $600 a month

00:06:55,640 --> 00:07:07,320
towards their student loans or towards rent? Probably federal poverty is 1,500 a month.

00:07:08,280 --> 00:07:14,040
I had a son on bribe and using for a long time. I might be like 1,400 or 1,15,

00:07:14,040 --> 00:07:22,120
some, whatever, but in that ballpark 1,500 a month. 750 every 2 week pay check after tax.

00:07:24,920 --> 00:07:32,680
So, you've got that money to work with as well as payback your debts with whatever money you

00:07:32,680 --> 00:07:44,120
can after that. Is 1,500 enough to do much? No, not really. But if you live on the street in a tent,

00:07:44,120 --> 00:07:51,800
it is. So, do you just, since you're not in housing now, payback your debts and then get into housing

00:07:51,800 --> 00:07:58,120
or do you get into housing and payback your debts? When you're in housing, how much savings

00:07:58,200 --> 00:08:05,320
should you have? I know I'm reiterating this. Most Americans are paycheck to paycheck.

00:08:08,840 --> 00:08:16,520
I mean, I feel like the business guy answer would be as soon as you have income, you need to be

00:08:16,520 --> 00:08:24,520
paying it back. Even just a little bit, even just 50 a month, whatever. 50 a month is a lot of

00:08:24,520 --> 00:08:33,720
money. That's like $2 a day. Oh, just go without this or that. There's not much going without this

00:08:33,720 --> 00:08:43,480
or that without another or whatever needing to overcompensate and spend more there. Man, it's a

00:08:43,480 --> 00:08:51,320
game of lacimal saving money below 1500 a month expense, I think. You can happen to do it for a while,

00:08:51,400 --> 00:08:56,040
like if you have a paid off car or something, but eventually it's going to need maintenance. So where's

00:08:56,040 --> 00:09:00,680
your maintenance budget coming from? You need to be putting a little away for that kind of stuff, right?

00:09:02,360 --> 00:09:09,000
So all of that will always end up as like 1500 a month. If you've got some financial literacy

00:09:09,000 --> 00:09:19,400
in there. So to me, that would be kind of the point is once your layer one mazlos and layer two mazlos

00:09:19,480 --> 00:09:25,480
are satisfied then you start paying back. As far as savings, I think it would be better to be

00:09:27,000 --> 00:09:31,560
better than average, so maybe you've got three months of savings before you start paying back,

00:09:31,560 --> 00:09:38,200
something like that, three months of expenses. So 4,500, you got five grand in the bank and then

00:09:38,200 --> 00:09:48,200
you start paying stuff back, sounds reasonable. Now on the lower level,

00:09:50,360 --> 00:09:57,000
so you never know who's watching the YouTube channel, right? Something extremely interesting happened

00:09:57,000 --> 00:10:01,800
just moments after I published the second video yesterday, which I'm not going to tell us all about.

00:10:05,560 --> 00:10:10,440
I like to do that and then see who comes to me and tells me things that I already saw but didn't say anything

00:10:10,440 --> 00:10:19,880
about. Contrary to what it may seem like, yeah, I'm like super open and candid about a lot of

00:10:19,880 --> 00:10:26,760
stuff on camera, but every now and then you see me decline to talk about things, right? You know,

00:10:26,760 --> 00:10:36,280
I've not said anybody's name here. The only time I'll say a name is a relative who is posing as an

00:10:36,280 --> 00:10:42,520
elder and I think I'm not going to do that anymore, like even an older cousin, you know, an

00:10:42,520 --> 00:10:49,480
aunt and uncle, a parent, whatever, or a boss, a manager, you take on management responsibilities.

00:10:50,360 --> 00:10:57,800
So get this IBM said AI cannot be held or software cannot be held accountable,

00:10:57,800 --> 00:11:04,200
thus it must not make management decisions. So AI is software, shouldn't be a manager. A human needs

00:11:04,280 --> 00:11:10,200
to be a manager because managers need to be accountable. You go ahead and become somebody's manager,

00:11:10,200 --> 00:11:16,760
my manager, you're accountable if you screw me over. I'm going to say your name. Is that wrong?

00:11:16,760 --> 00:11:27,320
Some might say yes. I mean, when you do business with me, you don't have to worry unless you

00:11:27,320 --> 00:11:39,320
hire me as an employee, then you're my manager. So I've said the names of my open table managers,

00:11:41,400 --> 00:11:48,440
and our lawyers, you know, they're on the public record as well. These things you can go to the

00:11:48,440 --> 00:11:59,320
courthouse and find all the names. My relatives, same thing, and I say relative, not family,

00:11:59,320 --> 00:12:06,920
family is chosen. It's of the spirit. Relatives are simply blood. You're born into it. Jesus is here to

00:12:06,920 --> 00:12:13,880
separate father, you know, dad from son, if they're not cut from the same cloth.

00:12:18,520 --> 00:12:25,880
So you start making money. So that's the official route. So the unofficial route is just you don't

00:12:25,880 --> 00:12:33,080
know who's watching. And so now you're talking about, yeah, I have money. I have money. I have money.

00:12:33,080 --> 00:12:39,640
Now, if there's other homeless people who are watching the channel, who want to make a move or

00:12:39,640 --> 00:12:50,280
robbing or something, then they know when to do it, right? They're watching, like if I start showing

00:12:50,280 --> 00:13:00,120
off computer stuff, they know while I'm at work, stuff's in my car, right? So that is half true.

00:13:00,840 --> 00:13:07,800
On the other hand, once I can afford gas and stuff, I'll be able to go to storage more,

00:13:07,800 --> 00:13:12,680
you know, have like a weekly cycle, something like that. So there may still be vulnerable times.

00:13:14,360 --> 00:13:19,800
I may be able to get a coworking space, leave stuff in a locker there, something like that.

00:13:24,360 --> 00:13:31,240
But you have to have some operational security, like for a while, I was calling out thanks

00:13:31,240 --> 00:13:36,200
for this much donation, thanks for that much donation with the initials of the people.

00:13:36,280 --> 00:13:39,720
Never said their names either. Just the initials.

00:13:41,960 --> 00:13:46,040
And yeah, like that's not going to scale over the long term until

00:13:48,200 --> 00:13:57,240
basically, like all my debts are paid off, because you never know, like who's sold that's to who

00:13:57,320 --> 00:14:08,200
it's had read, et cetera. Like one of my thinking is my dad, he has lent me a good amount of money

00:14:08,200 --> 00:14:15,800
over time, which we'll get paid back. It was never enough at one time to do anything substantial with.

00:14:15,880 --> 00:14:30,120
It was like, you know, small amounts to cover, you know, maybe even like living level on a week

00:14:30,120 --> 00:14:37,720
to week month to month level, but not enough to like run a business or anything like that.

00:14:39,320 --> 00:14:43,400
And without the peace of mind, because there was never a guarantee of like you're going to get this

00:14:43,480 --> 00:14:51,720
every month except for when my mom died. And it was given three grand size like, okay,

00:14:51,720 --> 00:14:57,800
500 a week for six weeks. That was really nice. I could set up a routine. That's where I wrote

00:14:57,800 --> 00:15:05,480
the better part of my book, structured it. Before the split, before the basic and luxury split.

00:15:05,640 --> 00:15:21,720
But then I then one more period from like October to December. So I had just a few months

00:15:23,080 --> 00:15:30,040
of predictable income, but without it being predictable, you can't make plans, you can't

00:15:31,000 --> 00:15:37,720
buy equipment, you know, you can't run ad campaigns because you don't know on a week to

00:15:37,720 --> 00:15:45,000
week basis, am I going to get it next week, am I going to get it next week, right? It's just like

00:15:46,680 --> 00:15:52,120
if I have it and I feel like giving it to you, then you'll get it and you still have to pay it back,

00:15:52,120 --> 00:16:04,600
of course. So the amount sounds high, but it was not like, and yeah, third world people are going

00:16:04,600 --> 00:16:11,480
to be like jumping around, fling in their turds at the wall, angry jealous envy, oh, if you can't do it

00:16:11,480 --> 00:16:18,440
with that much money, well, you have to factor in because of living is a lot more here.

00:16:18,440 --> 00:16:25,080
It doesn't matter if you live in a car, it doesn't matter if you're in California, if you're

00:16:25,080 --> 00:16:32,600
in the Midwest, whatever. You can't run a business on poverty level income. You can run a business

00:16:32,600 --> 00:16:36,840
on poverty level income, you can't get a business off the ground. You're not going to have

00:16:36,840 --> 00:16:44,840
the mental peace needed to thrive. Like the worst way to start a business is with no savings,

00:16:44,840 --> 00:16:50,200
nothing, quit your job, start the business. You just can't do it. You can't be in an abandoned

00:16:50,200 --> 00:17:00,280
state of mind or anything like that. So the best way to do it is what I'm doing, which is to work

00:17:00,280 --> 00:17:07,400
for minimum wage and then build it. Now, if you guys double my support to double, if you guys

00:17:07,400 --> 00:17:13,400
get my support to double minimum wage, then I can quit that job, do this 100% time, feel free,

00:17:13,400 --> 00:17:18,760
links in description. Venmo is definitely the most helpful. I haven't checked in a long time.

00:17:22,360 --> 00:17:27,160
Once I am closer to out of homelessness or out of homelessness, I should be able to

00:17:28,920 --> 00:17:34,760
set that up. And especially if I go and find a big pile of contributions, like then

00:17:34,760 --> 00:17:44,200
I might even be able to, you know, I want to say get a campground for a couple days and just

00:17:44,200 --> 00:17:49,320
hang out there and like make a big plan, et cetera, et cetera. But I still need to get a cell phone.

00:17:49,320 --> 00:17:57,160
I don't have a cell phone. I should probably put a nice chunk aside for car maintenance because

00:17:57,240 --> 00:18:09,960
there's some stuff that should get done. But yeah, ad support will never even be a temptation on

00:18:09,960 --> 00:18:23,320
this channel, like I said in the beginning. Between computer science and journalism,

00:18:23,640 --> 00:18:34,040
I'm like a really journalistic person and operator. I don't want to have any kind of bias,

00:18:34,040 --> 00:18:42,520
cloud, especially tiny data center where I'm basically advising people what hardware to get.

00:18:42,520 --> 00:18:50,040
I don't want to just like have one of my sponsors be one of those providers and be like, yeah,

00:18:50,040 --> 00:18:56,840
I can only say good things about these guys. Like would I take a free model to sample with?

00:18:57,800 --> 00:19:02,840
Probably. I wish I could remember the name of the channel. I'll link it in the description below.

00:19:03,560 --> 00:19:07,640
But there's like a car channel and I really like the guy's explanation of

00:19:08,920 --> 00:19:13,560
he's like, all the car YouTubers are gone or something like that, or all my friends are gone,

00:19:13,560 --> 00:19:20,920
off YouTube or whatever. YouTube's changed or something like that. So I kind of feel like he feels,

00:19:20,920 --> 00:19:27,320
like he does it for a lot of it. He's a working mechanic. You know, he doesn't take donations

00:19:27,320 --> 00:19:35,400
for the channel. I still may. But yeah, we're going on the 20 minute mark. I feel like this one was a

00:19:35,400 --> 00:19:41,320
lot less complaining, which is good. So thanks for sticking around, especially if you've been

00:19:41,400 --> 00:19:49,400
coming back, especially thanks if you've contributed. Day by day at this point, we'll see how it goes.

00:19:49,400 --> 00:19:56,840
The goal is 10 videos last month. That's blown away. But since there's so much interest, we've

00:19:56,840 --> 00:19:59,640
kept going. So thanks a lot. Take care. Bye.


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